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@kfhrfdu_89_76k: For many years, FF received the banner above its title "World's Greatest Comic Magazine." The issues and storylines you have chosen are certainly representative of why, but I might recommend for your consideration the Microverse issues, which led to the evolution of the Invisible Girl into the Invisible Woman, and provided some serious character development for the She-Hulk and the other members of the FF. Part of that story carried over into Secret Wars II # 2. Hints of the story can be found in issues 278 and 279, but it kicks off in 280 and concludes in 284.

Also, earlier in the Byrne run is the Galactus story in which Frankie Raye becomes Nova, Herald of Galactus, and a boatload of Marvel heroes show up to assist the FF in saving the world from the Devourer of Worlds. That story sets up The Trial of Read Richards in 261 and 262.

The George Perez run also has some interesting moments, but none really define the book the way Lee and Kirby did or the early 80s issues did.

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Frankly, this list is a bit of a mess. I don`t know what to add to this list. I haven`t read enough FF-stories.

They did. But not all of them are the best stories.

Also, Stan wrote. Jack drew and plotted.

Or, did I write that they BOTH wrote the issue? If I did, shame on me!

Posted by thanosrules

Any others to add to this list?

I realize you think that Jack and Stan wrote a good issue every 10 issues, but there has to be more than these three! ;)