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Posted by Cervantes

Useful list!
Posted by jrock85

I love me some Superwoman!

Posted by jobiwankenobi

I hate all copy characters, uf. And there's so many more.

Posted by joshmightbe

@jobiwankenobi: Isn't Carnage just a slightly more evil venom?

Posted by jobiwankenobi

@joshmightbe: I actually like Venom and Carnage, but not any of the other symbiotes. I'm kind of embarrassed now, but I don't feel like Venom is too close of a copy of Spider-Man. He can possess and take anyone's powers, and he has a certain personality about him that I like. He also comes with his own abilities that I feel make him different enough.

Now the other symbiotes are too much. I can tolerate Carnage because he's different enough and has his own personality that I like. The twenty other symbiotes just fell like overkill, though.

Posted by RustyRoy

Nice list