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Posted by JROCK72

Penny Newsom as Angel?

Posted by Mangakid1995

Ok personally I think that if the point of this list is to make a point about the over abundance of female characters who are based on male characters then I feel the alternate reality counter parts like Moon Knight 2099 or Metallique cuss that's not the same it's not capitalizing on a Male characters popularity to make a up a throw away female characters its essentially just a "hey wouldn't it be cool if..." scenario Also in that same vein, why include characters like Pepper Potts who existed long before they took on a super hero identity.

However if the only purpose of this list is to catalogue female characters based on males in general, then yea I get why they are here.

There is only one character on this list that should not be here at all, Lian Harper was never a superhero she died when she was 8 or 10 being Red Arrows daughter does not make her his female counterpart.

Posted by JROCK72

In my opinion, wouldn't Aquagirl be a female version of Aqualad? But otherwise, this list is incredible.

Posted by The Mighty Monarch

Ystin is..... transgender. In his mind, he's a he.

Posted by RawhideKid

P.S. I didn't have Shadow Kid on the list, so thanks for the suggestion! I've added him, but sadly there is no entry for Infectious Boy.

Posted by RawhideKid

Hi! Thanks for commenting. Sorry for the slow response; I don't check as often as I once did.

I actually have a list of male characters based on female characters, which you can find in my list of lists. I came up with 20, which shows the weird double standard.

Posted by name_already_chosen

I enjoyed all this.

However, I have to ask you a question based on your intro. What male characters have come from female characters? I've wracked my brain, and all I can think of are Dream Boy from Dream Girl, Shadow Lad from Shadow Lass, and Infectious Boy from Infectious Girl, and all three are from the Legion of Superheroes comic book. That's all that come to mind, I'm afraid.

Posted by doomsilver

Nice list.

Posted by Transmetal

Dark Lady Lumiya (Darth Vader), Iris West (Impulse), Ruby Summers (Cyclops), Cyclone (Red Tornado), Anna Fortune (Dr Fate), Red She-Hulk (Red Hulk), Nightstar (Nightwing), Dawn Allen (Barry Allen), Aliyah Bishop (Bishop), Morana (Spawn), Mayhem (Venom/Spiderman) Puck (Puck), Speedy (Red Arrow), Witchfire (Belasco), Lilith (Dracula), Capris Castiglione (The Darkness), Elsa Bloodstone (Ulysses Bloodstone), Angela (Goliath), Ana Kravenioff( Kraven the Hunter), Sasha Kravenoff (Kraven the Hunter), Aftershock (Electro), Menace (Green Goblin), Valeria Fen (Namor), Andrea von Strucker (Baron von Strucker), Death Reaper (Nekra), Dreamqueen (Nightmare), Persuation (Purple Man), Raptor (Vulture), Omaka (Red King), Astrid Mordo (Baron Mordo), Shadow (Casey Jones), Karai (Shreddar), Zigfried Trask (Bolivar Trask), Omega Sentinel (Bastion), Diamonada Nero (Apocalypse), Tam Fox (Lucius Fox), Dee Dee Twins (Joker), Daisy Dugan (Dum Dum Dugan), Ailyn Vel (Boba Fett), Jinx (Snake Eyes), Sakura (Ryu), R. Mika (Zangief), Evil-Lyn (Skelator), Trish (Dante), Machiko Noguchi (Predator), Vampire by Night (Werewolf by night/Dracula), Shanna (Ka-Zar), Catwoman Beyond (Multiplex), Carol Ferris (Hal Jordan) 
Sorry if their are a couple repeats

Posted by classified

I thought she was Ghost Rider in-continuity for a brief period, but as it turns out, it was just an issue of What If?  Sorry bout that.

Posted by RawhideKid

Thank you for the excellent suggestions!  I love obscure characters and you came up with some doozies!   
I had left Bulleteer out since technically she followed both Bulletman and Bulletgirl, so it could be argued she's a successor to both, or solely a knockoff of Bulletgirl.  I'm not seeing Barbara Ketch as being a Ghost Rider spin-off-- unless I'm missing something? 

Edited by classified

Kate Waynesboro (MODOK), Doctor Fate (Inza Nelson) (Dr. Fate), Patty Spivot (Flash, Hot Pursuit), Joanie Swift (Johnny Quick), Jesse Chambers (Johnny Quick), Jonni Thunder (Johnny Thunder), Red Beetle (Blue Beetle), Scarlet (Robin), Bulleteer (Bulletman), Red Torpedo (Red Tornado), Moon Knight 2099 (Moon Knight), Gamma-Burn (Abomination), Barbara Ketch (Ghost Rider), Nash (Mist), Magneta (Magneto), OWAC (OMAC), Weather Witch (Weather Wizard), Tris Plover (Robin), Fury the Goblin Queen (Green Goblin), Hobgoblin 2211 (Hobgoblin).