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Posted by Emperormeister734

nice title  and it's a good song

Posted by EganTheVile1

It really was not easy to be green for Slash was it? Poor bastard got incinerated.

Posted by Retodon8

Nice list!
I made an equivalent list of blue characters myself. I thought about making a green list, but decided it was too much work. I just linked to your list instead. :) I hope you don't mind. If I ever happen upon a green character you missed, I'll give you the name.
There is also a Skins list by xboy79 who lists any skin colour that is different from the norm.

Posted by SnowyMountain

Feel free to send me any notes or names of green hued characters so that I can include them; however I want to state that this list is for those with green skin (or scales, or whatever).  I don't want characters with green costumes or just their hair is green, 'cause I have seen a Comic Vine List that covers that.