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Posted by Xwraith

Out of 150, I can only recognize 22.

Posted by vesavius

While it is a good list, I don't think Dracula is either obscure or underused (well, certainly not in the MU...).

But, yeah, good job on the whole :)

Posted by EganTheVile1

Way to give MyS-Tech a shout out, most people forget about that crew of Mephisto worshippers.

Posted by DRDOOM28
This is true.  Geoff Johns has the art of using the obscure villain down to a science. Ex.-Nekron, Krona. Still it'd be nice to some of these guys get more screentime, so to speak.
Posted by obscurefan

Loves me some obscure characters ^^ Great list.

Posted by Deadknight

Always nice to see the obscure get a mention, especially since more than enough of these characters have proven themselves as certified threats. It's just a shame that they're so unknown compared to the big-name villains. In all honesty though, their obscurity is what makes them true wildcards. You never really know what'll happen when they come out into the open again.
Posted by Violet-Eyed Dragon

awesome list :)  great job!!

Posted by adamwarner42

nice list! thanks for putting my choices in there.
Posted by DRDOOM28
@Decoy Elite: He's coming, keep your pants on!  :)
Posted by Decoy Elite

Where is Spot? What is this madness!?
Seriously though, nice list.