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Posted by JairamGanpat

Man, I was just going to ask you about this. 
You've thought of everything...

Posted by Silkcuts
@JairamGanpat:  I am missing a few things.  Like The Black case book, which I don't believe was added to the wiki yet.
Thanks for the vote of confidence :D
Posted by Jekylhyde14

I wish I'd seen this list of yours earlier. I'm glad you included The Invisibles. If you've read and understood that then a lot of Morrison's work opens itself up to you. 

Posted by Silkcuts

@Jekylhyde14: Thanks for the back up


Posted by johnny_spam

Pretty good list should be attached to some of the boards on the subjects. I also think Leviathan debuted in Seven Soldiers Klarion.

Posted by Silkcuts
@johnny_spam: Thanks mate, I need to reread seven soldiers again, I think your right.