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Posted by Liberty
Posted by CaptainLantern76

Captain America is my favorite Marvel Superhero. I'm glad they brought him back to life. And it's nice to know someone else appreciates Aquaman and doesn't think he's useless. Plastic Man does a great job serving as the comic relief. And I just love the rest.

But you made one error. Namor did appear in Motion Picture Funnies Weekley, but he appeared in 1939, not 1940. So he debuted in the 1930s, not the 40s. As a matter of fact, he debuted in April 1939, a month before Batman, who debuted in May 1939.

Posted by ReVamp

Dick Grayson made this list one of the best on CV.

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Great lists!  Nice to see some of the Golden Age characters getting a nod.



" Are you sure Namor the Sub-Mariner first appeared in the 40's?  I though he first appeared in 1939. "

Namor's first appearance WAS in 1939.  He appeared in Motion Picture Funnies Weekly, six months before the Original Human Torch, and his story in Marvel Comics #1 is actually a reprint with 4 new pages added.  Namor's a couple of months older than Batman, I believe.  He's the original anti-hero and poster boy for teen alienation, as well as one of the first bi-racial super-heroes.
Posted by Trodorne

Billy was my favorite only because he was a pure hearted super-hero with a kids outlook. there was no grey. just being a good person was all that mattered.

Posted by PowerHerc

Captain Marvel, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Sub-Mariner and Green Arrow are characters that I consider all-time greats and some of my personal favorites.   
Are you sure Namor the Sub-Mariner first appeared in the 40's?  I though he first appeared in 1939.
Posted by haydenclaireheroes

A lot of great DC favorites on this list. Loved Green Arrow the best on the list.  

Posted by humanfly26
@Liberty: hm... good question. Probably Namor or Aquaman, it seems repetitive to have them both on there. Possibly Blackhawk?
I'd also give a shout out to Alan Scott and Jay Garrick, but I realize you only have limited space :-(
Posted by Liberty
Posted by Liberty
@humanfly26:   Who would you take out?
Posted by humanfly26

no joker? :-(

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Hmmm.Understood. Good point about the Beetle.
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By Marvels I meant The Marvel Family.
The Angel was big at Marvel, Whizzer, The Destroyer, Patriot, and also Ms.America had her own book. Centaur had Amazing Man. Fox had Blue Beetle. Quality had Dollman. What about the Sheild the very first Patriotic hero from MLJ or the Fighting Yank from Nedor?
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@turoksonofstone:   I am not done with these decade lists.  I spent a week on it and had to ketch up with other things so I set it aside.  I did like you suggection of Black Terror and added it as for the comic cover of the 1940's I don't have a list like that.  What did you mean by the Marvels.  Did you mead Marvel Comics?  So far I have....
DC Comics has........6
Marvel Comics has .2
Nedor Comics has .1
Newspaper has .......1
Fawcett Comics has 1
Quality Comics has ..1
Posted by turoksonofstone

 I agree with everything but Tomahawk and Aquaman, and yes, where are the Marvels?, and Black Terror had a ton of appearances and like two titles. All the same sweet list! I was looking for "The Top ten covers of the 1940's " did I miss it?

Posted by Amegashita

  Good list and I agree with them all, though I do say that the entire Captain Marvel family was huge during the 40's.