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Posted by EdwardWindsor

@kfhrfdu_89_76k: added your additions.

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

Why isn`t there Ron, Hermione and Gentleman ghost?

Posted by EdwardWindsor

@Trodorne actually iam suprised i didnt add him eitehr i used him as a avatar for awhile lol . cheers for the reminder

Posted by Trodorne

Im suprised no Jack Staff, but he was not much of a serious hero anyways. Great List! My heart still lives for the UK.

Posted by EdwardWindsor
@lokiofmidgaard: I meant British Isles not Countires which Island is , sadly counted eedit list title afetr post.  As For Professor X technically hes only Part English, But i wa gonna add anybody who could legally apply for  british pasport and Charles has one English parent i believe.
Edited by lokiofmidgaard

Professor X isn't British (the actors who have played him are, but the character isn't). Ditto Juggernaut. Banshee and Black Tom are from the Republic of Ireland, so definitely NOT British.
Posted by EdwardWindsor
@KillerZ:  lol true actually, i imagine she may have gotten over her childhood fears now
Posted by KillerZ

Cool list, one question though, how Goldilocks doesn't like bears, she is shacked up with one.

Posted by EdwardWindsor


Posted by Rheged

Great idea for a list!  How about Morgan Le Fey, Dane Whitman (the Black Knight), the Destroyer, and Wolfsbane?