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Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

you got most of your pics congratulations !!!!!!!!

Posted by Lvenger
@Avenging-X-Bolt: Ha thanks. But I wanted to see Captain Marvel as well. He hasn't shown up in the new DCU so far.
Posted by CaptainLantern76

Nice list.

The only change I would've made is had Blue Beetle instead of Knight.

Other than that, this is basically the lineup I would've had on my list.

Posted by Lvenger

@CaptainLantern76: Thanks. Now that I look at it, Batwing might've been a better bet as the Bat related hero. I could dig Blue Beetle being a member in this team. Although if the rumours are true, JLI might be a casualty of DC's second wave on the cancellation list. I haven't been reading it but surely the JLI is a type of book DC needs to be keeping in its line up?

Posted by coolguyr99

Great List, I would swap Knight & Vixen for Captain Atom and Plastic Man

Posted by Lvenger

@coolguyr99: Nice suggestions. I tried to keep the team more international. You know heroes from most major countries. But those are nice suggestions. Plas is one of my favourite Leaguers!