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if it was possible for these guys to form a team the members were going to be

-Superman (leader)






-Moon knight

-Luke Cage


-Green Arrow (or hawk-eye)

-The Flash


-Iron Man



And the team's name can be (Super-Squad- Avengers League........)

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What's cool about this list is it has the best (or most notable) Justice League and Avengers members. Not a bad list.

actually iron man and aquaman didn't make the list and they are both notable members of the justice league and the avengers.

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Batman got nuff votes. Going for Orion or Thor... or sentry or surfer.

THe single most unbeatable superhero team would be like this:

Superman, Sentry, Orion, Thor, Batman, Wonde Woman, Captain America, Green Lantern, Silver Surfer, Martian Manhunter, Franklin Richards, Dr Strange, Dr Fate, Captain Marvel (Batson), Mr Marvel, Flash, Hulk, Beta Ray Bill, Captain Atom, Spawn, Black Panther, Zatana, Power Girl, 6 Hot female Marvels, Scarlett Witch, GL Rayner and GL Stewart and GL Jordan, and Wolverine

Now tell me if that is not a pantheon itself on EARTH!!!!

Heavy Hitters: Supes, Orion, Thor, Sentry, Surfer, Cpt Mrvl, BRB, and Mr Mrvl

Moral and mind: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Captain America

raw power: GLs, Both Drs, Hulk, Atom

Stealth: Panther, Wolverine, Batman, Manhunter

Big Hitters: Franklin, Wonder Woman, Scarlett Witch, Spawn, THor, Orion, Manhunter, Flash

The team should be called The Mighty Guardians led by Batman (as chief exec), Captain America, Superman, Wonder Woman and GL Stewart and the head members be Scarlett Witch, Panther, Flash, Richards, and Wolverine

Team Alpha - Captain America (tactical commander), GL Rayner, Panther, Flash, Sentry, Spawn, Zatana, and Mr Marvel

Team Delta - Superman LDR, Fate, Cpt Marvel, BRB and GL Jordan

Team Omega - Wonder Woman LDR, Scarlett Witch, Manhunter, and Power Girl

Team Zeta - GL Stew LDR, WW, PG, Panther (second), Atom, Wolverine

Stealth squad- Batman, Cpt America, Panther, Wolverine

Team Heavy - Batman LDR, Superman, Orion, Thor, Surfer, Cpt Marvel, Sentry, Hulk, WW, PG, BRB, and GL Steweart (+Amazo)

Now please tell me that this team is NOT invincible! I dare you all to come up with a better SUPERHERO team that THIS. This team is made up of godlike beings and gods alike! Bring it on Olympus, Asgard, and anyone else! This team can defeat ANYONE

Posted by The__Jester

Danny The Street

*Troll face*

Posted by Xwraith

Green Arrow.

Posted by theviperrko
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Posted by theviperrko

Iron man

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Luke Skywalker =D

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Posted by Liberty

@mister181: Yeah. that was one of many surprises. He only got 2 votes.

Posted by Mister181

No Ironman ?

Posted by CpaseKowboi

Jean Grey got no votes!? People you are crazy if you don't think she could make this alliance. Also one I was not surprised with but who I think should be in the team is Aquaman. He's kind of a badass.

Edited by Liberty

@agha1: Please recommend if you like it.

Edited by Agha1

Thank god wolverine made it.

Posted by AssertingValor

Great! but Cap and Bats on the same team???

Posted by ReVamp

No Dick Grayson = Voted Down =P

Posted by Liberty
@Tunsieon said:

I can't believe that there's no Martian Manhunter.

I was surprised as well.
Posted by Tunsieon

I can't believe that there's no Martian Manhunter.

Posted by samanthademeste

Nice list.

Posted by cosmo111687

It doesn't change anything, really, but I would like to add one more vote to Batman. :)

Posted by Apis

Gotta say I love its pretty near Perfect and they'd be unbeatable as a team.
Posted by arrowfan237
I agree. As weird as this seems DC is actually less complicated and Marvel has just too many story lines going at once. They have also outplayed the Avengers and the X Men. Nobody really cares about them anymore.
Posted by notoriousbcb

Love the approach and the care taken to put this together.  Great work.  I would have tossed my vote to Batman (Bruce Wayne) as well.

Posted by harleyquinn12

Aw, no Cyclone, oh well, nice contest though!
Posted by PowerHerc

This is a cool idea and list.   
Zatanna making the list is surprising and cool due to her not being a long-standing, well-known in non-comic circles, multi-media and iconic character.
Posted by Billy Batson

DC won :D

Posted by sonoftheweb

why is the tick part of this?

Posted by actionpacked247

Awesome list!  Wish I would've noticed this contest sooner.  I would've voted for He-Man.

Posted by dstorres

I find it interesting that no female Marvels made it on the list.

Posted by Mr_Wayne69

What's cool about this list is it has the best (or most notable) Justice League and Avengers members. Not a bad list.

Posted by tensor

superman an batman for me can't  choose 1

Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

you forgot to add science onto spider-man
Posted by termiteone4ever

Drop one more in for Superman :)
Posted by Jaylayson
@GT-Man said:
"Man what about spawn :( "

Independents didn't do well
Posted by LightBright

Yay! Booster and Beetle made top ten! ^_^

Posted by GT-Man

Man what about spawn :(
Posted by Liberty

COME ON!   325 people worked on this list for a month and someone hit no without even having a backbone enough to at least say why.  What other list went through this much effort?

Posted by ComicMan24

I like this list.

Posted by batman_is_god

Posted by queenfrost_

I love this whole concept, is there another?

Posted by Bushiken

Dr Strange of course!!!!

Posted by difficlus

cant believe Silver Surfer never made it...

Posted by daedalus25

6 and 4 actually.  And every person was either a member of the JLA or the Avengers.  I guess it's to be expected that those teams put together would be the "ultimate greatest" superhero team.

Posted by Gunslinger6

I'm happy Thor made it, would've been a shame if he didn't.

Posted by spawn devil

Caps made it, I am happy to hear that one.

Posted by Pizawle

Awesome that Zatanna made it. Besides that, the list is so standard. I personally, am disappointed.
But I still recommend it since it was a lot of fun and such a brilliant undertaking. Great job, Liberty.

Posted by weaponx

I agree that no votes for Martian Manhunter was a surprise, as well as Zatana winning easily. I would have liked to have seen it be a little more Marvel/DC balanced, but it is all good. I love both but am slightly more Marvel myself. Another thing that was interesting was no one really put any of the big big guns on there besides eternity, for example, if I was to create the most powerful superheros I would have chosen the likes of Galactus, Pheonix, Living Tribunal (I don't remember if Beyonder got a vote or not, but even if he did, it seems like if you want to get the ultimate list, you want to get the strongest), Specter, etc. I understand it was people voting for their favorite though, so it turned out to be a lot of fun:). 

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