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Posted by turoksonofstone
Posted by DoomDoomDoom

Ramona Fradon?

Posted by turoksonofstone
Posted by Allie_Ho

@turoksonofstone: Did you notice on #36 of your list you have nothing? :P

Posted by Werupenstein

Sorry if I missed these guys, but they definitely should be on this list

Walt Simonson

Art Adams

George Perez

John Bolton (if you haven't read the backup stories in classic x-men, they are some of the best x-men stories ever told)

Marc Silvestri

Edited by Cosmic Cube

You've got the wrong Michael Uslan listed, Michael J. Uslan is some guy who wrote 3 issues of a recent Spirit series. Michael E. Uslan is the legend you're looking for.

Posted by Amegashita

  This is, by far, the best list on the vine I can think of.

Posted by nszerdy
Good to see Jerry Robinson---but if you add Robinson....
Then where is Sheldon Moldoff?  "Ghost artist" to Bob Kane!  Creator of Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, Matt Hagen, Batgirl, Batwoman----Come on!
Posted by teewillis1981

I think Grant Morrison deserves a spot on this list, but other than that small qualm, great list.

Posted by PowerHerc

That's one helluva list!   
Good job and thanks for making it!
Posted by Roxanne Starr
You really need to join Silkcuts and me on the comment thread for his review of BIG NUMBERS #2. There's a lot more action over there right now. :D
Posted by turoksonofstone
@Roxanne Starr: 
You are far too modest. You also worked on many of the Ultraverse books I loved, as well as the Big Book of...series and others, I know this list is very large now but if you thumb through it, you will see many of the Creators like Roxanne Starr are from the Modern Era. You Stay! lol!
Edited by Roxanne Starr

Putting my name on this list is just preposterous, Turok. You only did it because I letterered one lousy issue of CEREBUS. Tsk, tsk, tsk!
Posted by turoksonofstone
@Roxanne Starr:
He belongs. when I get the chance I will fill in the individual Bios.
Posted by Roxanne Starr
Thanks for adding Simek to your list!
Posted by Roxanne Starr
YAAAAAAAAAY!  For adding Trina and Steve McN!
Did you see the blog I started today? I also wrote a bio for Hugh Ward!
Edited by turoksonofstone
@Roxanne Starr said:

" May I suggest H.J. Ward? (The pulp guy.)
He only did one comics book cover that I know of, but it was huge! He did the first painting ever of Superman.


This particular painting hung in the main office of DC comics for several decades. I will soon add Ward.

Posted by Roxanne Starr

May I suggest H.J. Ward? (The pulp guy.)
He only did one comics book cover that I know of, but it was huge! He did the first painting ever of Superman.

Posted by Silkcuts
@turoksonofstone:  how did I miss that, I noticed Frank ..lol
Posted by turoksonofstone
No. Moore is already there at #12.
Posted by Silkcuts

Where is Alan Moore? If frank miller is there Moore should be.  Moore is the man that inspired the mature read.  BTW Stan Lee is a hack, has cool ideas, but the artists embellish and later writers make the ideas better.

Posted by turoksonofstone
Who do you find undeserving?
Posted by Crymsun

Good list, but there are some I would not have included, and some I would have added.   
Carmine Infantino, Curt Swan,  and Grant Morrison to name a few.
Posted by Liberty

I'm not a big fan of some but you have all the legends I can think of.