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Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

Nice list. Even if I don`t really agree about your thoughts about those Alan Moore books. I think that he is really great. Then again, that`s your opinion, not mine.

Posted by Cervantes

You won't regret getting "Carnage" in hardcover, by Zeb Wells and Clayton Crain. The art is beautiful and well-painted. Besides just Carnage, there are other symbiotes and a great subplot where a private company is using Ironman-style armor updated with new tech; they also are opposition Iron Man and Spider-Man (team-up!) have to deal with, and these tech guys sound like marketing majors, it's hilarious.

Completely agree about Watchmen. Have to warn you about Identity Crisis: okay art, but a long series where very little happens (unless you're a HUGE Elongated Man fan). Pluses: in one issue, a several page battle between Deathstroke and the Justice League. Minuses: retcons Silver Age in the jaded way writers currently do, suggesting that every good, clean hero back in that age had twisted, hidden misdeeds. It is the sort of retcon that splits the Justice League, dividing them against each other. SO some will really enjoy, but for others (ME...)? Not so much...

Posted by IrishX
@aztek the lost:
If you ever get around to reading House of M you might want to check out House of M: Civil War. It's a five issue series that shows how Magneto came to power in that reality. I enjoyed it more than the main story actually. 
Daredevil: Yellow is good and The Hard Goodbye is one of my absolute favorite reads.
Posted by shawn87
@aztek the lost said:  
yeah it goes Avengers Disassembled then Secret War and then they start New Avengers and shortly after that is when House Of M starts. The House Of M didn't crossover into as many titles as the Civil War did. I just finally got through reading that entire story arc and every single issue it crossed over into. 
Posted by Asymmetrical
@shawn87: I know what happens in House of M and I always planned on reading it but when I saw all the stuff it crossed over with I gave up...but I think I can handle the main story...of course Avengers Disassembled is a direct prequel to House of M right?
Identity Crisis I suspect I'll love, not too sure of Rebirth because I'm not big on the GL stuff but it has gotten a lot of acclaim
I like to read everything that leads up to a comic before I read the comic too which is why I have so much trouble getting around to reading so much of the stuff I want to (that and I'm busy reading all things Vertigo)...however I get the impression all this stuff is readable whether you've read a single comic in your life or not since the video was called "New to Comics"
Posted by shawn87

House Of M is good, it's important to know if you're trying to keep up with the Marvel timeline. Avengers Disassembled was good as well. 
Identity Crisis was really good. Brad Meltzer is a great writer. One of the few DC Comic titles I've had the pleasure of reading so far. 
I have Green Lantern: Rebirth but haven't read it yet. I like to read things in order so it'll be a while before i get to that as im currently in the middle of catching up with Marvel 
Fables, Dark Phoenix Saga and Kingdom Come are all on my list to get

Posted by Asymmetrical
@Lance Uppercut: ah okay, well then I'll be sure to check it out...any others you'd especially recommend?
Posted by Lance Uppercut
@aztek the lost: No no, Frank. Typo on my part.
Posted by Asymmetrical
@Lance Uppercut: Millar, Mark? I thought it was Miller, Frank? Or has Millar done some work on it too?
Anyways, I think I'll like it but for some reason the items on this list have ended up being the things I want to read but never have gotten around to.
Posted by Lance Uppercut

Tell me what you think of 18. I think you'll enjoy Millars work on it.