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A-KO and B-KO are not androids! A-KO is an alien from another planet where the women of the planet have super human strength and the men are more like the females. B-KO is a normal girl in a suit that augments her strength to that of A-KO's strength.

Posted by halovsmarvel

A-Ko is the anime daughter of Superman and Wonder Woman and B-Ko is wearing powered armor

Posted by fred9101

Yeah, the difference is so important... Just a new title and here we go again.

Posted by Armored Victory

Lots of errors on this list. Robots & androids do not a cyborg make.

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

Actually Cybersix isn't a cyborg/robot. She just an artificial human.

Posted by X_Woman

Great list.  I didn't even know that some of these "people" were 'bots and 'borgs. 
Posted by Red Rum

Android 17 is a guy

Posted by AMP - Seeker of Lost Knowledge

Other than getting characters from Chobits, I got another candidate for you: M.I.C.R.A..