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Posted by arrowfan237

Very, very interesting. I never knew about a lot of these.
Posted by Jerry Seinfeld

What Mao Tsu Tung?!? He was a communist dictator wasn't he or am I thinking of Mao Zedong probably but both are commies because they are Chinnese leaders. Samuel Adams isn't he just a character used to advertise beer? Charles Darwin, how has he benefitted the world. Wasn't Emperor Nero evil and crazy? Some of it seems messed up to me. I don't know.
Posted by Richard S! Preston
Posted by Richard S! Preston
@arrowfan237:  To be honest, neither did I until I did a little more research into this particular subject. There were a few more people I found out about, but they don't have articles on this site (Ghandi, Tutankhamun, The Virgin Mary).