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Posted by Draven1986

Where is Howard the Duck?

Posted by name_already_chosen

Cosmo rules!

Posted by ComicMan24

@kalganov:Will be added later.

Posted by kalganov

What about Kragoff's Super Apes?

Posted by ComicMan24

@EganTheVile1:Cool, thanks.

Posted by EganTheVile1

Cy-Gor would be a good addition

Posted by ComicMan24
@zj: No, I just forgot about. But thanks for reminding me of him :)
Posted by zj

He (?) has more appearance that Ace, and Topo doesn't rate enough to make this list?
Posted by Silkcuts

You missed Supreme's Radar I think

Edited by Ultimate JSA

how about ms. lion and zabu
Posted by ComicMan24
@Ultimate JSA: Thanks. I didn't know she had a page here. If you have any more suggestions,please tell me.
Posted by Ultimate JSA

what about catwomans cat isis
Posted by ComicMan24
@queenfrost_: What pets? Are you talking about the hyenas? I couldn't find them here.
Posted by queenfrost_

where's harleys pets?

Posted by eldestrisk

You just made me think that Spider-Ham will make the Pet Avengers one of my favorite groups. =)

Posted by ComicMan24
@arrowfan237: Thanks. If you know any more, please tell me.
Posted by arrowfan237

You forgot the Space Canine Patrol and Mighty Mouse. Also Atom Ant.
Posted by ComicMan24
@KNIGHT SAVIOR: Thanks, I had completely forgotten about them.

you forgot Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew stiil a cool list
Posted by ComicMan24
@Decoy Elite: No problem.
Posted by Decoy Elite

Thank you for putting Sturmer on this list. ^.^