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Posted by batkevin74

I do kinda love Dog Welder

Posted by fACEmelter88

You know Walrus' have the second largest penis in the animal kingdom.......its true Google it

Posted by Potanis

dude, Dogwelder is super epic!!!! and he's a good guy !! (lol) 
Proty?!?!?!!?!?!? Proty is awesome!
Posted by Video_Martian

lol, such lame characters, awesome list! =D

Posted by joshmightbe
@ka385385: this is not a list for worst personality, this is a list for characters who were poorly thought out and or completely retarded characters and no disrespect but arm fall off boy makes both the characters look like Shakespeare creations in comparison  
Posted by ka385385
he's a  hypocrite.
Posted by joshmightbe
@ka385385: i don't think hellion has anything on dog welder in the horrible idea department
Posted by ka385385

my worst comic character top 1 is hellion ,second is daken