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Posted by mikehly

pretty good i don't recognize some but even they look pretty cool just by name and picture

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Like this

Posted by ccraft

At least Batman is in your top 10, batman my favorite :0...

Posted by xxxddd

@darktiger said:

really epic list

Posted by Xanni15

I'm going to say it sucks for no other reason than to break the pattern of positive comments. lol ;]

Posted by z1co80

Great list

Posted by darktiger

really epic list

Posted by mightiness

Very cool list.

Posted by Roguegirl24

hmmm, like the list , not bad.

Posted by darktiger

awesome list

Posted by CaptainLantern76

Some I like, some I don't like, some I've never heard of, but all in all, good list.

Posted by LaurelB

where is black canary?

Posted by Superskrull86

Nice list.

Posted by falcon10


Posted by ApatheticAvenger

Taskmaster, Fantomex, Magneto, and Starscream? Awesome in my book.

Posted by daredevil21134

Daredevil & Gambit sweet

Posted by Black_Kn1ght

you should add Joker

Posted by entropy_aegis

Awesome list,should'nt stroke have been a little higher?
Posted by PowerHerc

That's quite an extensive and eclectic list you've composed. Good job.

Posted by Silkcuts

Starscream is my fave transformer

Posted by AnimeRocks

wheres GOKU????
Posted by miki

it' a cool list!

Posted by GTG12

gambits pretty cool.
Posted by rogue_mar1e

nice :) gambit's one of my faves too :)