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Posted by Darth-Spidey

The Lois Lane and Steve Trevor of Earth 2 also died (both of old age) but they don't have bios on Comicvine so I couldn't include them.

Posted by arrowfan237

Wildebeest didn't die. BABY WILDEBEEST died there is a difference.
Posted by Darth-Spidey


I had no way of knowing that.  And in all of the sources I looked up it specifically said Wildebeest    

Posted by arrowfan237
Sorry if I sounded a little mean there, I just take Teen Titans very seriously.
Posted by Darth-Spidey

Nah, it's OK.  I'm simply posting what I was told. And to be fair, when I read the comic, Wildebeest didn't look like much of a baby...

Posted by lagoonman

looker didn't die.

Posted by superboyrocks13
@lagoonman: yes she did shes a vampire vamppires r dead
Posted by JeredMcCorkle

Great concept!  Overall a helpful information source.
Posted by brc2000

lol. Even though I liked Infinite Crisis, they should have called it "Superboy Prime Kills a Bunch of People"

Posted by DoomDoomDoom
@JeredMcCorkle said:
Overall a helpful information source.

@superboyrocks13: If you are going by that logic, then she died before the IC