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Posted by EganTheVile1


Technically I would not count Lockjaw and Snarf as pets, as Lockjaw is not actually an animal but an Inhuman himself, Snarf I suppose I could include, since in the reboot series he was Lion-O's pet, I did not have him on the list based on the original series, as he was a sentient being in that series not a pet.

Lassie, Rin-Tin-Tin, Willy.... I honestly had no idea any of them were in comics... I guess I should have assumed Lassie and RTT had been in comics, but I had no idea there was a Free Willy comic adaptation, Lassie and RTT definitely qualify, but Willy was not a pet, which was the point of "Free Willy"

A lot of great suggestions, I will be sure to edit my list soon with your suggestions in mind, thanks!

Edited by guillermogutierrez

Diablo (Bruce Wayne in Batman Beyond). dog

Mandíbulas (Lockjaw) von Inhumans. dog

Doraemon (el gato cosmico) cat

Salem (The teenage witch Sabrina) Cat

Vengador (The Bird man) eagle or falcon

Lockheed (Kitty Pride) dragon

Hugin and Munin (Odin) ravens

-Idelfix (Obelix) dog

Milou (TinTin) dog

Pluto (Mickey) dog

Phantor (Skeletor) pantera

Gringer (He-man) tiger

Snarf - Snarfer (Thundercats) cats

Mamut (Munra) dog

Asrael (Gargamel) cat

scooby doo (Shaggy) dog

Odi (john bonachon) dog

Heathcliff (desconocido) Cat

Elsa (Born Free) lioness

Gertrudis (Lars:Journey to the Center of the Earth) Goose

Man (Frank (pug): Men in Black) human

Lindo Pulgoso / Precious Pupp (oma) dog

Patán (Pierre Nodoyuna) dog

Snoopy (Charles Brown) dog

Santa's Little Helper (Bart Simmson) dog

Piolin-Tweety/Silvestre (Granny-Abuelita) canary/cat

Itti (Hal Jordan) Starfish

Cujo (Bonnie:devil dog) dog

plus-The lord of the beast, Lassie, Willy, Flipper, Rex, Rintitin, ....

Posted by arrowfan237

If you want more ideas please check out my animals list.