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Posted by Midnight Monk

Justice is jewish? O.o Figured he was some kinda Super Christain by the way he acts
Posted by papad1992

No prob.
Posted by EganTheVile1
@papad1992:  Thank you so much, trying to find more characters to add to this list
Posted by papad1992

Oh... and to add to ur list... someone told me that The Thing, Justice (from the New Warriors), and Wiccan (I'm also guessing his twin brother Speed) were Jewish too!!!
Posted by papad1992

Wow!!! I didn't realize that Polaris was Jewish let alone Moon Knight!!! I knew Magneto was Jewish but didn't relate to his kids!!!! I love Sabra.... Israel's own superhero!!!! Great list.... and this is coming from a Jew himself.... so good job!!!
Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir
Edited by 123cgm

amen god wants all to come together in christ.

Posted by MichaeltheFly
Posted by Mortality

Can't forget Ragman. He's a fairly major Jewish character.