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Posted by tsl3161991

Madcap's ridiculous look is actually a great idea, considering how his power works. He has the power to make anyone act like they've gone insane, but it only works on people who are looking at him, so he uses his ridiculous outfit to attract attention so he can use his powers to drive them crazy.

Posted by Kairan1979
Posted by name_already_chosen

Keep in mind that a lot of the characters about which you complain are intentionally ridiculous as a well needed injection of humor.

The fact you do not differentiate the humor characters from the idiotic ones makes you appear to be humor deficient or incapable of recognizing a joke. You might want to revise this list to separate the humor characters out.

Posted by Red_Jack

Most enjoyable list ive ever read

Posted by Rusty_Irons

no Sunflower?

Posted by superboyrocks13
hot dog man is cool thoe lol
Posted by mrmisanthrope

I take issue with a few of those.
Namely Speedball. He was virtually invulnerable to all harm, he could fly hundreds of feet through the air, and he could launch off his kinetic energy spheres as projectiles. Hardly useless, and certainly way better than Penance, who only has any powers when he injures himself, and even then those powers are stupid.
Butterball is immune to all harm of any kind. In theory, he's probably immortal, and he isn't prevented from taking in new information at all, so with enough effort he could become an immortal, invulnerable super genius, with I dunno, a gun of some kind.

Posted by Comicjew

Hey, some of those guys are suppose to be comic book parodies!
Posted by Midnight Monk

I wouldn't have included Rocket Racoon on this list because well....is there anything more badass than Rocket Raccoon :D

Posted by joey11145

Here some for you , The Spanker, Dr. Bob Doom, Gamecock,Armless Tiger Man,Elf With A Gun,Eightball,      Polka-Dot Man,Eyeful Ethel,Fatman, the Human Flying Saucer,  Combo Man,  Color Kid,Antennae Lad,Skateman,  Captain Marvel,  Madame Fatal,Leather Boy,Love Sausage,Tek Knight, Herbert Popnecker and   Hot Dog Man.    
Posted by Fortanono
Posted by Mr.Q
Never under estimate a "clown". Squirrel Girl defeated Doctor Doom, MODOK, and Deadpool. And Danny the street once infiltrated the Pentagon. Perhaps this "League of Losers" real strength is everyone else's low expectations... what abut Howard  the duck master of quack fu?