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Posted by HuiZe

Zatanna. <3

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Great List

you forgot all of this

Horus "immortel, ad vitam"

Castle Grayskull

two Sword of Grayskull (both together are too powerfull)

King Peacock "top ten"

Set Marvel


Panorámix Druid of Gaul (Asterix)


Proctor Tar "The Crismson Dawn"

papa Pitufo "papa Smurf"

Barphomet Gott Pagan

Mr Mxyzptlk


Chango of Joe Quezada





los 7 hermanos THE ETERNALS (Neil Gaiman)









Satanic Triumvirate



Posted by BrotherEye

A suggestion for the list is the Books of Magic, it featured in the JLD arc.

Posted by dngn4774

Great list. You'd think that DC would have more magic users with all of the time they've been around. You might want to add Pandora if you haven't already.

Posted by Chesapeake

great list

Posted by RazzaTazz

You had a duplicate page on here, I recycled into a character named Paula.  

Posted by fables87

You should add some magic users from the Vertigo comics like in Sandman and Fables.

Posted by Jya666

Cool List :)))

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Have a bunch of TMNT characters for you

Mr. Null

Noi Tai Dar

Demoness of Yomi

Mang Thrasha

Four Horsemen

Master Splinter




Chien Khan

Warrior Dragon

May East

Posted by Ryonslaught

@StormyWeather: lol Yeah back in the day I was a bit OCD on comics lol :P

Posted by StormyWeather

excellent lists u have!!! do u read like a gazillion comics??? lol to kno all these characters cuz DAMN!

Posted by EganTheVile1

Just hit me there are some mystics no one thinks to mention, from the TMNTverse.... Master Splinter, Shredder, Bookwurm, Animus, and Desolation

Posted by Ryonslaught

@EganTheVile1:Thanks Egan Adding now!

Posted by EganTheVile1
Posted by starrk_coyote

nice list.

Posted by nick_clark
Posted by Ryonslaught
@Amazingoctus: Not in any particular order :)
Posted by Amazingoctus

YAY! you had Man-Thing! But this list is not in order of power. Or is all of this how you see it?
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Posted by EganTheVile1
Posted by J1ml33

Now this is my kind of list ...all kinds of white and dark magic .. it`s beautiful..

Posted by Ryonslaught
@Sebastian Dark: Thanks
Posted by Sebastian Dark

great list
Posted by Ryonslaught
@Renee: Thanks :)
Posted by Renee

Love !t

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Posted by Leliel
@Ryonslaught: thank you, it took me a bit to check through the entire list in order to see if it was in deed there
Posted by Ryonslaught
@Leliel: indeed! Good eye ;)
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Posted by EganTheVile1

Great list, Charnel should be on it though

Posted by Fortanono
@Illyana Rasputin: LOL
Posted by Ryonslaught
@Illyana Rasputin: hey illy your gonna make me blush
Posted by Illyana Rasputin

I think you possess superhuman mental processing, with perfect memory, and data analysis. It's quite possible you possess adoptive muscle memory, too, but I would have to meet you to ascertain that.

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@Michael the Fly: lol
oooh thanks for the additioins to the list its still, like all the others a work 
in progress, x0
glad you love it! you guys motivate me to make such captivating lists!!
Posted by MichaeltheFly

I swear you have the greatest lists I have ever seen. 
But  I think you should put the other members of the Exemplars. And maybe Cyttorak and the other members of the Octessence.

Posted by Ryonslaught

Thanks for the love guys, Another labor of love well received I love it!

Posted by krazyKarima

As always, good list!