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Posted by starman1994

Wonderful list

Posted by the guv'nor

good list,like what you have written about the characters.Agree with you about Dazzler,loved that era of the x men,loved longshot,like that havok fianlly got onĀ  the team and all stories were really well written.Also liked the ninja slut reference : )

Posted by Ice Princess
@starman1994: Thanks so much! I love lists! ;)
Posted by xboy79


Posted by Jetshade

Great list and commentary. I especially like what you wrote about Psylocke. She was one of my favorites as well, until Jim Lee turned her into a ninja slut.

Posted by Ice Princess

Thanks for all of the nice comments everyone. :)

Posted by Hawkeye446

wow.. definetly the best comicvine list i have read so far, some brilliant characters, witht explanations that explain why they are their! I can tell you spent time on this :) By the way when was Dazzlers lasrgest run in X-Men?
Posted by Violet-Eyed Dragon
@starman1994 said:
" Wonderful list "
i concurr