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Posted by Ice Princess

I agree with most of this list. especially Rusty, Quicksilver, and Northstar. They are SO underused. well, Rusty would have to be brought back to life ... wait, he has been. Thanks Selene.

Posted by the guv'nor

yeah good to see rusty back,its like at some point someone thought i cant do anything more with this character lets just kill him off,i just think he was pretty neglected for 3 years then just killed off maybe he will return after Necrosha.......... 
Quicksilver is a weird one because you cant say he hasnt been in many comics because he has but i would like to see him fleshedout a bit more rather than in the background,i mean lets face it in a few months time we know he wont be in the Avengers anymore. 
Northstar is a weird one too,its like once they announced he was gay no one knew what to do with him,i liked the chartacter before that coming out anyway so i say just use as he was,doesnt need to be an issue.
Posted by Hawkeye446

Dominic Fortune has had it alright, appearing in all the recent hawkeye Miniseries'.

Posted by Squares

Quite a few of the characters you listed are already getting quite a bit of attention, are you saying someone should launch separate titles for them?

Posted by Agypt2020

Yeah both Quicksilver and North star need to find permanent homes on the X-Teams and make one of them a starter, (What D.C. does with the Flash). I prefer Quicksilver if Marvel changes is character/personality and turn him into a real hero, Speed Demon should be his nemesis.