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Posted by Kyle_Dornez

Dude. You make a list of asian superheroes and leave out KAMEN RIDER?! What the hell?

Posted by mace11


Tremor (DC) -INDIA

Cassandra Cain

Solstice (INDIA)

Connor Hawke

Commander Amar Khan-INDIA

Samuel 'Sam' Zhao

Kulap Vilaysack (Prime Earth)


Captain steel

Element Woman


Kevin Kho


Posted by mace11

Goku is saiyan but phenotype wise he looks like asian from earth.Just like clark kent is not european but he is a whitelooking alien.

So goku is a east asian looking alien,just like there are black,east asian and latino looking folks from superman's planet.

Posted by Good_Sir_Totoro

Why is it named "Asian Superheroes" when you have quite a few villains on the list?

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I take it this list means Asian as in characters that are Asian OR originate from Asian comics. It would need to be both for this list to make sense.

Also, Sunfire over Naruto? C'mon now, that's just silly.

Psylocke being here works, but.....

Why is Orochimaru here? He ain't no hero, a great villain though.

Meh, this list needs A LOT of work.

Posted by marlexcabanilla

Why Darna is not here shes the first super heroine in Asia and shes not here but nice list

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Posted by tsl3161991

Red Lotus was Australian, not Asian.

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I'm not sure if Ghidorah is really a hero

Posted by Goku1fan

Goku all day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by GrimGenius

I had no idea that radioactive man was asian

Posted by X_Woman

Why is the Green Hornet on this list?  He's not Asian, he's a white American guy.  His sidekick, Kato, is Asian, but the Hornet is not. 
Posted by EganTheVile1

Have two more for you: Base and his brother Tattoo

Posted by Black_Kn1ght

pretty good

Posted by Spidervenom123

don't forget yahiko(deva Pain)

Posted by DarkShadows

Makes me proud to be Asian. :'D

Posted by mrmisanthrope
@Ryonslaught:  That's just childish. Goku is not Asian, Superman is not Anglo-Saxon. They're both aliens from other planets. Goku has a freaking tail.
There are plenty of other legitimately Asian characters to be the "premiere Asian" character, especially since based on the presence of Goku Japanese characters are accepted. Ryu would probably better fit that slot, at least moreso than a character who isn't actually Asian.
Posted by Spidervenom123

but the dbz movie villains and gt villains on a different site like gaintbomb 

Posted by Primmaster64

I don't think Goku is asian. he's an alien.

Posted by Violet-Eyed Dragon
@panda21595 said:
" AWESOME LIST!!! But, you don't have Amadeus Cho on there. But nice list :D "
i bet hes on a later page
id put him in the top 5 though
and great list i agree
Posted by maimran91

Goku is not Asian, he's a Saiyan, a humanoid

Posted by miki

thats a great list!!!!

Posted by Bigheart711

How awesome! :D
Posted by Brotha-Man
@Ryonslaught said:
" @SuperTiencha:  and superman is not American....doesn't stop him from being the primere white hero now does it? "

Nice One! 

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Posted by Ryonslaught
@SuperTiencha:  and superman is not American....doesn't stop him from being the primere white hero now does it?
Posted by SuperTiencha

Goku is not asian. he is a saiyan

Posted by Captain Bintang

Great stuff.
How about Screech,the Chinese vampire from the `Vamps` series...?

Posted by grimm

OMG!!! I just got the yellow ranger=asian thing!!! I never noticed that *GASP*!!!!!!!!!!!! AND THE BLACK RANGER WAS A BLACK GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Brotha-Man

Its cool how you got even the mixed Asians like Silhouette.
Posted by MichaeltheFly

I hope the next list will be about european characters. Great list as always.

Posted by Illyana Rasputin

Honey Lemon has got to be the cutest, and funniest, code name ever.

Posted by panda21595
@Ryonslaught: I guess i did since i was looking at the first 50 ^_^
Posted by starkiller95

nice list!

Posted by Ryonslaught
@panda21595: LoL
actually it's a long list and cho is there, you missed him!
Posted by panda21595

AWESOME LIST!!! But, you don't have Amadeus Cho on there. But nice list :D