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you know how they say the best guys are either unavailable or gay? the same thing seems to be true about superheroes. in my opinion, wiccan, rictor, daken, and greymalkin are some of marvels best characters, but their all gay. i'm not saying that there's a problem with cool heroes being gay, but it just seems ironic. also, triumph isn't gay. he was originally going to be gay, but they couldn't come up with a storyline that made him sound cool and gay, so they ditched the idea.

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thank u for this list

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@StormyWeather:Your very welcome :)

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Very ...very good job... If you are curious you can see more in the site gayleague.com, very cool.

On there are references about my favorite vampire woman, Mirza. And you can search on web about a super heroine from Argentina called Supercake!!!!

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Cool cool cool list :)))

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Joker isn't gay or bisexual. He's isane and sadistic. He doesn't even love Harley Quinn, though she loves him. He's even tried to kill her a few times. Furthermore, as to what you said about God, the Bible actually refers to homosexuality as an abomination (its in Leviticus). Please note that this is not my opinion. I was just pointing that out as an interesting fact. I am neither for nor against gay rights. I am neutral on the subject.

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Cheers for this great list! Some of my most favorite characters (ie. Living Lightning & Flatman) are on here. I'm very happy that the subject of homosexuality in comics is not as taboo as it was in the 80s/90s.

Edit: Oh by the way, The Comet you have on page 3 is a supporting character to Nova and The Champions Of Xandar, making him Marvel, and he's also not gay =)

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How about Frenchie, the butler (Moon Knight)?

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Danielle Baptiste and Finch deserve to be here.

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I think Spymaster is gay ? If you've read Invincible Iron Man recently you might've noticed it ? Seems he was really in love with Tim ? Read #517-519.

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Is there a special reason you chose to use the word "sheik" instead of "chic" in your title?

Just curious.

Nice and comprehensive list.

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Xena is more like bi, ain't she?

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Invisible Kid actually was confirmed to be at least bisexual, as he was in a relationship with Condo Arlik! You forgot Lightning Lass (bisexual) , Schvaughn Erin (trans), Gravity Kid (gay), and Power Boy (gay), all of whom are from the legion of superheroes.

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What about Rewind & Chromedome (Transformers)?