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Posted by KillerZ
Shocking Suzi should be here too, considering he is trapped as a woman, and still likes females. Though he had a drunken one-night stand with a dude too.
Katchoo is pure girl lover.
Posted by Ryonslaught
@KillerZ: Done, thanks z
Posted by Timm
@Ryonslaught said:
" @Timm: c'mon Timm at best those girls were Bi,  they were not hetero I know that much.... "
i can take bi, but they never had sex with each other (unfortunately), and i waited for it cause honestly... we really expected it or something.
Posted by Ryonslaught
@Timm: lol yeah alot of tongue action but no actual shagging, heavy on the soul mate moments too, maybe when they do a reboot they'll just do it outright :P
Posted by Timm
@Ryonslaught:  who would they cast in a reboot. they couldnt find a sweetie chick like Gabrielle now. All the actresses are too hot.
Posted by Ryonslaught
@Timm: true, but I'm sure there's still some unknown actress who could pull of Renee's sweetness :)
Posted by umbrafeline

some of your entries made me say 'say what?!' lol. some of them i never heard of lol
Posted by Ryonslaught
@umbrafeline:  :) thanks, that's always 1/2 the fun when I make these x0
Posted by riri4life

Did you mention Callisto, Storm, Bling, Mystique, Shatterstar, or Christian Frost?

Posted by Pheonix of the white throne

Cool list :D
Posted by darkwolverineUSMC

Its good to see someone notice heroes of all sexual orientation. Phyla vell my favorite on the list, simply because even though her partner turned into a real dragon, she still loved her. Now thats love. Also I simply love Daken. ( He kissed bullseye).
Posted by Chicago_Bruce

Great collection. You've done your research!
Thanks for this list, going to be saving it for further reference.

Posted by Ryonslaught
@Chicago_Bruce: Thanks man, it's always great being appreciated when one does ALLOT of work/Research :)
Posted by arrowfan237

Very nice tribute to homosexuals in comics. More people shpould learn to be tolerant like you and me.
Posted by B'Town

FABULOUS!  What I like most about your list is your forward....  Thanks.

Posted by Ryonslaught
@B'Town: your very welcome
Posted by Britt601

Mega props for doing this list!

Posted by 614azrael

didnt know they had so many cool
Posted by Renee

Tara and Willow. <3

Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir

I have another one for you , that I don't think you have : Lexington

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Posted by mutantblues

Cool list, nice to see there are so many. Midnighter is certianly one of my favorites characeters.

Posted by B'Town

Another you could add is Sirkka.  Her main squeeze is Jack but while he is away, which is almost always, she sleeps with pretty much everyone who lives with her, men and women.  Sirkka is all about free love.  Thats what I love about her.  :}

Posted by pixie_child

(I could've sworn this character page already exsisted...) 

Suggestion to add:Luna dePaula: she flirts with Danielle Moonstar who, in turn, tries to set Luna up with Karma

Posted by Baddamdog

Very good list my friend, must of taken a lot of effort!!

Posted by Ryonslaught
@Baddamdog: that it did :) glad you like it! :)
Posted by umbrafeline

i love this list
Posted by tsl3161991

courier wasn't actually gay, him turning into a woman and his kiss with gambit were for one reason, the situation called for it. also, mikaal  tomas was't gay, he is attracted to both genders because he is facinated by humans.
Posted by tamerafox

Why is Marco from Degrassi on this list? LOL 
What about Agent 355? haha

Posted by StormyWeather

omg thank u for creating this list

Posted by Squares

...What does this have to do with Sheik?

Posted by Diamondblade

Mariko from exiles?

Posted by jrh7925

FYI, Anima was more classified as bisexual than gay. Over all her appearances, she's never let on her preference, except for this little conversation with her lesbian friend Liv:

Ahd yes, this is what was referenced in the Justice League America #105 lettercolumn. Hope this helps!
Posted by brc2000

You have the wrong Union Jack on your list. Brian Falsworth is the gay one, not Chapman.

Posted by BuddyBulson
47. Bloke

ugly as all hell is all i have-to say!

 Glad to see all that tolerance you learned shine through!
Posted by irvine1345

i love this list!
Posted by Video_Martian

One of my fave lists on this site.

Posted by sladewilson30

going after guys in the pin doesn't make electro gay, just very desperate

Posted by trky1

very interesting and informative list. I mainly only read Batman and X-men related comics but it's cool to see a list like this and learn about other interesting characters in comics.

Posted by Ryonslaught
@trky1:  Thanks man GREAT to be appreciated!
Posted by Daffodil
Eric and Aaron from The Walking Dead are gay lovers.  :)
Posted by Journey Into Chaos

see. they love northstar and everyone else. btw (i think oli is bi. i remember him liking males at one point in the series but everyone SAID NOT OLI) and i laughed and said YEP!
Posted by Journey Into Chaos

Daken also btw.
Posted by doomsilver

niccolo(runaway girl) the alien is attracted to her
Posted by KillerZ
Posted by ddaann1985
Posted by tsl3161991

technically, ultra-humanite isn't gay. even though he's a male mind in a female body, he's still, as far as i know, straight.
Posted by Cosmic Lad

Very nice thought behind the list, and the list is very nice - fun to read through!  8)
Posted by Cervantes

Think you mean to title your list "Gay Chique." 

Posted by Wise Son
What about Genii from the Young Gods? He's a fashion designer (blanket statement I know) and from his most recent exploits he's shown some homosexual tendencies. Though I haven't read the original Young Gods run so I don't know if this was just the writer picking on the fact he was a fashion designer.