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Posted by RavagingHamster

what about wolverine??? or deadpool???

Posted by xerox_kitty
@RavagingHamster: What about them? They're okay, but not MY favourites.
Posted by RavagingHamster

hrm...guess im a guy so im gonna choose them :P

Posted by Gothic Storm
@RavagingHamster:  I'm a guy and I approve of no Wolvie or Deadpool on this list! ;)
Wow, the Warpath selection really surprises me! (yeah right!) When you say you like the bratty and explosive 'little sister' characters probably because you are one, which one did you mean? Bratty, explosive or little sister? : )
Posted by xerox_kitty
@Gothic Storm: Ha ha!  He's eye-candy *and* a hero!  What's not to love?  :D 
Because all my life I've had a stupid, boring older brother...  And if I had the powers, I probably would've detonated him ;)
Posted by The Cracked Genome

I do like a lo of the characters on this list (I'll have to do my own one soon)!

X-23 ISN'T Wolverine with breasts! In fact I like her more than Logan. That said the funniest description I ever heard of her was as "a Wolverine you don't need to feel bad about fapping over."

Spiral is a great bad guy that I would love to see more of, even if Marvel did something naff like making her a good guy (though I really hope they don't do that!)

Yay Bart Allen, whos best moments were in Young Justice (I' love Todd Nauck) I actually did a little dance when they brought him back in Legion of Three Worlds.

Great list.

P.S: Not all of us big brothers are bad! Or at least not as bad as our demonic little sisters ;)

Posted by fanboy

thats a very interesting list it's full of bad ass characters 

Edited by shadow death

how about catwoman or raven dc. love women in hot costumes

Posted by xerox_kitty
@shadow death: I'm a girl who likes guys... If I like a female character, it isn't because she looks hot.
Posted by 614azrael

Good list i would sertainly have to agree.
Posted by Jaylayson

Ms. Lion is a great, refreshing, character
Posted by xerox_kitty
@Jaylayson: Oh yes!  And I love the banter between him & Niels :)
Posted by sdunham818

Firestar since Spider-man and his amazing friends ;)

Posted by xerox_kitty
@sdunham818: I wanted to grow up to be just like her... But back then I didn't know that she was basically MJ with fire powers ;)
Posted by ANGEL1993

This list is Awesome :)

Posted by xerox_kitty
@ANGEL1993: Thanks!  I know it's a bit Marvel-heavy, but I'm glad you like it too :)
Posted by notoriousbcb

Be it James (Warpath) or John (Thunderbird), the Proudstars are two of my all-time favorite mutants.

Posted by xerox_kitty
@notoriousbcb: One of the comics I was so excited to get was the death of Thunderbird.  I managed to get it the same time I got the anniversary issue of Uncanny X-Men (#193) in which Warpath & Firestar appear trying to avenge Thunderbird's death.  
Posted by Danial79

Where's Blindfold? :(

Posted by xerox_kitty
@Danial79: Good point.  I do like Blindfold.  I guess I don't really know her well enough to class her as a 'favourite'... at least, not yet ;)
Posted by Aiden Cross

Oh, you have Casey on your list! i love her. I wish she would come back but she's probably in comic limbo forever >_>

Posted by xerox_kitty
@Aiden Cross: I instantly loved Casey, probably because I saw too much of myself in her.  I really hope that Mark Waid pulls her out of mystical limbo, and restores her body & soul!
Posted by Aiden Cross
@xerox-kitty: So you're a little stubborn, cheeky, wanting to do things your way and funny :P
Posted by xerox_kitty
@Aiden Cross: What can I say... bratty little sisters like bratty little sister-like characters ;)
Posted by rphailey98

Love this list, but being a bratty little brother, I prefer Jack Power.

Posted by xerox_kitty
@rphailey98: Ha ha!  Fairy nuff!  But bratty little sisters are better ;)
Posted by circusrock

nice list, needs more aquatic characters though...