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Oh Ventriloquist is shamefully unappreciated too. I agree entirely. The madness of the character is wonderful, he makes Two-Face look grounded. I'll admit he's a character that took some growing on me. I didn't like him as a kid, it wasn't until High School that I really grew to value the role. Batman villains, even modern, usually tend to retain this deeply rooted psychology, this aged appeal, as if they're not modern at all. So many just fit right in with those now ancient iconic archetypal enemies of Joker, Scarecrow, Two-Face, Catwoman, etc. I never batted an eyelash at Ra's, Ventriloquist, and Harley, they just blended right in. A perfect fit.

Posted by Mr.Q
the brightest gems are always deeper in the mine. no matter how 'campy' or inane a mouse can always become a monster. I have always liked the stragglers and the bottom feeders. I always liked Arnold Wesker both the Villain AND the Victim.
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I totally have some on here for no reason other than for that "So bad they're good" satire shtick. Stilt-Man is probably my favorite of them, too. I always used him or Rocket Racer as my default "So bad they're good" villains. That's why Bi-Beast and Armadillo are on here too, they're just...such terrible ideas, campy to the max, that it's amazing. But there are other low grade villains I truly feel have genuine potential. Firefly from Batman, Mad Hatter I think has had some incredible stories that are criminally underrated, I've always (for some reason...probably just the costume because there isn't much else there) liked the Shocker, and most especially (and obviously) Mysterio...who I think, within the last decade has finally gotten his due as an incredible huge potential threat.

Posted by Mr.Q
the best of the worst... and stilt man.
Posted by zombie flash

i agree the villians are sooooooooo cool i like the flashes rouges they are badasses
Posted by misterz173
@mightiness said:
" I've always been more of a villain fan as well. "
Posted by mightiness

I've always been more of a villain fan as well.