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Posted by catfightfan

I love the fact that you give recognition to so many female characters, especially Medusa. If you are signed up with Facebook or Google+, you can support your favorites by voting for them on their respective character pages on Marvel's website.

Posted by tamabone

Comic book women rock. Both those on the page and those reading the books. ;)
Posted by lykopis

vewwy nice. :)

Posted by Samimista

Love Poison Ivy

Posted by Hawkeye446
@B'Town: Leave you to leave half of my favourite gals 'til last :D
Posted by B'Town

Thanks  . 
Posted by Video_Martian

cool list, sis ;)

Posted by Renee

Awesome list. I love that Buffy's on it! :)

Posted by caesarsghost

nice list