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Posted by caesarsghost

nice list
Posted by Renee

Awesome list. I love that Buffy's on it! :)

Posted by Video_Martian

cool list, sis ;)

Posted by B'Town

Thanks  . 
Posted by Hawkeye446
@B'Town: Leave you to leave half of my favourite gals 'til last :D
Posted by Samimista

Love Poison Ivy

Posted by lykopis

vewwy nice. :)

Posted by tamabone

Comic book women rock. Both those on the page and those reading the books. ;)
Posted by catfightfan

I love the fact that you give recognition to so many female characters, especially Medusa. If you are signed up with Facebook or Google+, you can support your favorites by voting for them on their respective character pages on Marvel's website.