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Wolverine: Origins #28

I debated whether or not to post this

Since Marvel allowed me to read this early, I thought I'd give it a shot.  I've been on the fence with this title for sometime.  I posted a review here.

In stores this Wednesday.

FEATURING ART BY NEW REGULAR PENCILER, MIKE DEODATO, JR.! Wolverine’s days in the Weapon X program, his first encounter with The Incredible Hulk, his induction into the X-Men…it’s all here in the prologue to DARK DECEPTION, next month’s WOLVERINE: ORIGINS and X-MEN: LEGACY crossover!

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OOOH and it already came out....

And there's EMMA!
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I also reviewed it early.  I might've been a tad harsh.  I just don't like Daken.

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hmmmmm.....[just read the review]....Emma's in it so that's more than enough to get me to give them 3.00 bucks

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I like Daken: I hope he joins X-Force.

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looks good, the art and all :D