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We've all heard about Schism and Regenesis in X-Men. Wolverine and Cyclops had a difference of opinions over how the young mutants are handled in the X-Men. Cyclops felt it was okay for a young mutant to kill if it meant saving the lives of others. Wolverine simply didn't want Idie to go down that path if possible. With the break up of the mutants, Wolverine has decided to go east and start his own school for Higher Learning.

Classes begin in October in the pages of Wolverine & the X-Men #1. What has he decided to name the school?

== TEASER ==

The Jean Grey School for Higher Learning. If that doesn't piss off Cyclops, I don't know what will.


Written by JASON AARON

Pencils and Cover by CHRIS BACHALO

FOC – 10/3/11, ON SALE – 10/26/11


Written by JASON AARON

Pencils and Cover by CHRIS BACHALO

FOC – 10/31/11, ON SALE – 11/23/11

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Jean Grey School For Higher Learning, Now Aaron's is thinking outside the box with this roster and team.

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awesome! love the school pull for me!

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WOW! That's all I can say.

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Yep, this title just keeps looking like it's going to be the one to watch out for out of all the new X-books. New ideas abound!

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What school would you chose if you were a mutant... Wolverine's or Cyclops'?

I would choose wolverines, because I cant stand stiff @-holes....:P

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sounds interesting. who is the orange red eyes creature in the wolverine and the-x-men behind kitty pride?

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I like the idea alot , will annoy cyke alows for developement of wolverine and allows for new young mutants to join as well. Good times possibly

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Well how about that? A name that is both a tribute and a big ole F.U. to Cykes! Love it!

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This is the jumping on point I've been waiting for since I jumped off after Divided We Stand. I'm so pumped for this!

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I have always thought of Wolverine as a dirt bag and naming his school after someone's dead wife doesn't make me think any differently.

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That is such an awesome idea. Naming the school after Jean is great. I would pay $10 to see the look on Cyke's face when he hears that. I can't wait for this to start and I can't wait for Bachalo to leave this and go draw something I'll never read like Daredevil. his art is soooo not for me.
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Haha awesome

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Wolvie 1; Cyke 0.

No, but seriously, this is genius. F**kin' GENIUS I tell ya!

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you know this might actually contain spoilers to Avengers: Children's Crusade.....why would Wolverine open a school that big for a hand full of mutant children?

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Wow, that is F'ed up. I hope he's trying to pay tribute and not using the name of the deceased to piss off Scott. Also, I don't like the idea as Wolverine as a headmaster of a school. Doesn't feel like Wolverine to me.

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I refuse to believe Jean Grey impacted him so hard he opens a school under her name. That's just crazy, he needs help.

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i hope this means that there are gonna be new mutants or at least we are gonna see more the New X-Men!

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That will p*ss Scott no end.

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And with this, Wolverine becomes Xavier and Scott becomes Magneto.

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Awesome idea, I'm already getting the feel like we will be getting back to the old school x-men feeling. Things have been too dark for a while. Got me interested.

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Wolverine and a suit, only I should wear suits!

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10 quid on Cyclops razing the place once he hears about it. Lol.

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Where is he getting the money for it? Seriously! Warren's dead. He's the one that funded X-force. Did Wolverine get rich when we weren't looking?

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@TheCrowbar:Don't think so hard or else Schism won't make sense.

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Other rich mutants besides Archangel. Scott can't care too much if he's nailing Emma. I mean he already spit in Jean's face by sleeping with her rival & arch-nemesis. So it's not really to bad compared to what Logan is doing.

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Logan as headmaster, amazing. Well I guess its not the first person to think they are suited to be an educator...

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I like the ice coming out of that building, that's about it. Wolverine isn't a leader, at least not of half a race.

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What the hell can Wolverine teach anyone? 

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Naming the school after Jean, that has got to piss Scott off!
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of course he can - "be the best at what you do. Even if what you do isn't pretty".

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The X-Men are back folks. It's about damn time.

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I like Jason Aaron and his idea but the school's name is too much for me.

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I still find it weird that Wolverine of all people would be the one saying its not ok for these kids to kill. I could see maybe Beast or Colossus having an issue with it but Wolverine is a killer, he's trained several other killers including his own damn daughter so why would he all of the sudden decide it wasn't cool?

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wow. this what i like... cant wait to see both teams go at it

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Wolverine running a school?

That should last one single page, before it fails hilariously.

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I may have to start buying flopy comics again becasue of this...Trade paperbacks an hardcovers are great but i do miss monthly titles.An this has a certian level of .. well awsomeness i have as a collector of fine comic art have been looking for. 
Not a reboot its regenesis.Hopefuly it will have a bit of a lighter tone.
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I knew he was going to name it after Jean before I even scrolled down. I might read it, but its a Mighty might.

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Just read Astonishing Spider-Man and Wolverine in trade not too long ago, and it very thoroughly put Jason Aaron on my radar. I'll definitely be looking into these books, and probably Schizm when it drops in trade.

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But what happens when Jean comes back? Will the school be renamed?

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now i have to pick this one up

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Im starting to think this is just one big ego trip for Wolverine first he thinks he can be on more than one team then he leads his own death squad (X-Force), then hes telling the leader whats the age limit for being on the X-men now hes creating his own X team and starting his own school
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Having been into the various X-Comics in the early '90s and then nothing until now.. it's very strange to see Wolverine and Cyclops being on the sides of the fences they are. Granted, plenty has happened since the ye olde tymes of Asteroid M and Cameron Hodge's Genosha, but Wolverine seems to still be 'the best at what he does', and that still involves snikt-ing dudes.. which does seem counter to his position on people killing people.

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LOL Oh wolverine .... hope jean comes back soon and join wolverine's team. that would be great.

this has high potential for hilarity

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he named it after jean wow who did not see that comeing i would name it Rogue for higher learning or Rogue school for gifted children or something like that. is Rogue part of Logans teachers.

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I read the name of the school before seeing the picture and thought it was a joke. I think its hilarious.

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@Mega_spidey01: who is the orange red eyes creature in the wolverine and the-x-men behind kitty pride? I think that is the young brood with emotions from the current Astonishing X-Men comic.

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What is up with the architecture? lol

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That is so effn hilarious and a giant F-U to Scott. This is great!