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Here's another preview from Marvel.  In stores Wednesday 1/21

War Machine #2

In the blasted heart of occupied Aqiria, the mercenaries of Eaglestar International literally write the laws, committing heinous atrocities with no repercussions. But today, the loopholes are closing -- around their necks! Who will pay the final price when the skies explode with the arrival of the world's only eight foot tall, hundred-gun-equipped, shoulder-rocket-mounted, titanium-vibranium-alloy-armored, kill-number-counting, one-man-army for truth, justice, and good old-fashioned payback? And what does last issue's mind-blowing ending mean for Jim Rhodes, the shattered man inside this shocking new War Machine?

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That art is outstanding!
I was interviewing Leonardo Manco the other day and told him this. He was very humble and honored that "The great C-man would think that." So here is the preview.

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Still no word on what happened to Rhodie's face?

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I know.  What's up with that?  Are we supposed to respect his privacy and not ask?

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I don't know.Maybe Marvel is doing it to keep up the suspense for the book.

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Well it's not making me want to camp out at the comic store to find out.  You think there'd be some mention of it.  Unless it's like when you do see someone with something going on and you feel too awkward to ask.

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The thing is he has been asked before about his injuries and he refused to answer.He did mention something about World War Hulk..possibly meaning he was injured long before SI.

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Hmmm...wonder what he's hiding.  If he was injured in battle, there's nothing wrong with that unless he's embarrassed about who gave him the beating.  Maybe he was doing something he shouldn't have been doing.

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just for the record... the art and story is awesome! i love power suits

Hottness and G-Man
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Hmmm... Very Nice. I still love War Machine... even though I am still pissed Terrence Howard wont play Rhodey in Iron Man 2
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I really enjoy this series so far.  That Ares vs./team up is going to be awesome!  I do wish he had his Initiative suit though but I'm cool with the new look as long as that guy's art stays really good.