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If this doesn't motivate you to give Valiant a shot, I don't know what will. 'Harbinger Wars' -- Valiant's first big crossover event -- is quickly approaching and to help promote it the publisher is releasing an 8-bit side-scrolling game called 'Harbinger Wars: Battle for Las Vegas.'

It'll be available on iOS and Android devices in mid-April and will be a free download. You can play as Bloodshot or Peter Stanchek as you take on a Project Rising Spirit facility in Sin City. To celebrate the game, Valiant is also offering these amazing 8-bit variant covers.

== TEASER ==

HARBINGER WARS #1 hits shelves April 3rd.

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This is the greatest variant cover.

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OH MY GOHD THAT IS SO FRIKKEN AWESOME. First i get the awesome first trade of X-O Manowar last week. Next the first 7(?) issues of Harbinger and Bloodshot are on sale on Comixlogy. And now we get all this awesomeness. Thank you Valiant!

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LOL sweet!

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@Trevel8182 said:

This is the greatest variant cover.

That so is the best but all of the Fearless Defenders one's are

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Tre cool !

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This is such an awesome idea.

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these are great love the valiant books!

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@Trevel8182 said:

This is the greatest variant cover.

tigra, she-hulk, black widow, ms marvel, YAY i'll finally have a reason to read this other than just valkyrie.

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I will definitely be downloading this game.

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Good Idea

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Cool beans.

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THAT IS AWESOME! +2 million points for the awesome sause.

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@Trevel8182 said:

This is the greatest variant cover.

I thought it was the 'main' cover...... but still, I agree.

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cant play as faith? so what who cares

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yeah that is too much awesomeness. now THAT is a game i would literally kill for. wonder if this is the full team. can do without black widow and ms. marvel (their in enough books, lets give more time for the others who are only in this book) cant wait for issue two of this series. Moonstar cometh!

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I have caved and want to get into valiant. BUT I don't have the funds. cause I'm already going with Hellboy in Hell instead… What to do what to do...

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So cool!

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this is the greatest thing in the history of ever

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If I had more money I'd be buying Valiant.

Too bad I don't.

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@InnerVenom123 said:

If I had more money I'd be buying Valiant.

Too bad I don't.

I know their TPBs are pretty cheap.
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Those variants are sweet. If I can find them, I may just have to buy them all (despite only reading Shadowman in monthly format)

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Love Valiant and those covers . Frickin' awesomeness times everything!!!

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I don't understand the reasoning behind making 8-bit videogame homages for a comic book. I don't like 8-bit art and I won't be buying these variant covers. I'm sure someone will like them though.

The actual game itself sounds pretty cool though.

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@Trevel8182 said:

This is the greatest variant cover.


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These are cool. I'll definitely be checking out that iOS game, looks fun.

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That's amazing!

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Oh I want that game to be available for Kindle soon...and I love this idea of 8-bit comic covers! Oh childhood it!

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I love all of these. Especially the X-O Manowar Metroid homage. Valiant are probably going to overtake Image as my favourite comic book publishers, I'm loving all their series at the moment.

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Well done Valiant!