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Can Scott Keep A Secret From Emma?

Uncanny X-Men #504
Here's a preview courtesy of the folks at Marvel.  In stores Wed. 11/19.
LOVELORN (1 of 4)

 In the depths of his heartache over Kitty Pryde, Colossus goes looking for something-- anything-- to stop his pain...and finds a nightmare from the Old Country running rampant in the States. What's their connection? Elsewhere, Angel and the Beast begin a worldwide quest gathering some of the most unique minds on Earth and run across a hero long thought dormant. Emma checks in to a hotel you have to see to believe while poor Scott sits idly by...oh, and then footage showing the Alaskan Massacre that kicked off MESSIAH COMPLEX is released to the media. Just another day in the life of the all new, all different X-MEN!

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Oooh, Spiral! She's awesome.
The Sisterhood of Mutants seems to be getting a quite interesting roster, and i thought it was going to be boring.

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I was looking at this last night...The preview ends at the best part [Emma about to take a peek into Scott's mind].

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Dear Scott,

Still striving for that "Dick of the Marvel Universe" award I see.



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Hmmm.... looks pretty good. I may have to see whats up with the X-Men here...
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I  love Dodson's art.