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#51 Posted by sora_thekey (8210 posts) - - Show Bio

"It's Coming" might be about the return of Jean Grey but also about the transition of Hope from Mutant Messiah to Phoenix. Plus, with Jean (probably) on the verge of returning Emma might break it off with Scott just in time... *sigh* Just when I was begining to like Emma's character.

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They can't separate Emma from Scott.  
Not just because of my fanboyism and that they are my favourite couple (and favourite male -with Nightcrawler- and female characters), but because even with Emma being such a good character (when she is well written, all being said), she has nothing to do with the rest of the X-Men right now if you eliminate Scott from the ecuation. 
Make her and Namor have a thing and betray Cyclops, and then you have both out of the X-Men (Cyclops isn't leaving HIS team). Most X-Men still don't like Emma and only accept her because of their respect for Scott Summers. Even after so many times Emma has shown to be a reliable X-Woman, without Scott she's out of the team, even if Scott wasn't the leader of the team, the rest won't accept her as one of the principal characters. And I don't want her out of the team (and also I don't want their relationship to break).  
Plus, it could also affect the rest of the team as Emma is the only one with money now that Warren and Xavier aren't there anymore. Writters shouldn't put themselves in trouble doing something like that.
I like Namor character too, and I think he's bad-ass, but all this stuff is starting to be too lame. Since they can't use anymore the Scott-Jean-Logan triangle, they needed to make another one just for the sake of doing it. 
Probably it will be just some illusion, allucination, what if, or something like that. They already kissed but Emma wasn't in control of her own body. If they ever do it again it will be more of the same or the consequences will be too bad for their characters that won't compensate the drama story based on that.  
And by the way, that drama story is making me and more fans angry and adding reasons to stop following this instead of adding to the pros. You have been doing this too much time, be imaginative and come with something else (and intersting)... PLEASE!

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I wonder who or what that thing Cyclops is bowing to lol

Greg Land has stepped it up for sure! His art is looking great! And I don't give a $#!+ if I get flammed for saying that ;)

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Looks good, we finally see some cracks in Scott and Emma relationship, about time. Don't get me wrong, when Jean does return I don't want her hook up with Scott, not any time soon. I want Jean have sometime for herself and then hook up with Logan. I'm glad there will be some drama between Scott and Emma and if she hooking up with Namor, so be it. I hope it will be affair. Will finally see the cruel side of Emma. It could be another misleading advertisment again, so sick of them. The Pheonix comes back, so thats means Jean will come back, brillant. Next year will be Jean Year, I 'm over the moon about it. I do hears news that Magneto will be returning to his villains way and the brotherhood will be reformed, that's brillant. Next year going to be great.

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@homeslice: You and me both......

#56 Posted by One_Eye (783 posts) - - Show Bio

@time: Yeah, because character development in comics is just plain silly...Never mind all the work that Morrison, Whedon, and heck, even Fraction into any of the characters.

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look very interesting though. i guess this probably will be the start of some ne great x-men story. really waited for something like this. marvel starts gettin back to bussines

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Awesome Celestials, Phoenix, crying Cyclops (hate him) and I think Brood. Awesome!! Hopefully Celestials fight Phoenix and Phoenix stomps and then she fights Tiamut and Tiamut bangs her out of consciousness

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Sadly, I gave up on the merry-go-around that is the X-Books. After the X-Men got outclassed by a bunch of kids, I figured they pretty much have hit rock-bottom. I dropped all the books I was collecting up until Schism. It's not like the story ever changes. "Every one hates mutants, they struggle to to survive, someone nearly wipes them out. Rinse, repeat."

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Well the picture is interesting I will give it that.

1) First off It has been well established that Namor has a thing for Emma and blonds in general because he seems to have the same feelings for Sue Storm as well. If they really wanted to shake things up with Namor have him making out with a woman with dark hair.

2) The colossalnaught with smoke/steam rising up off him, well that could mean anything, though I do think he will be struggling with his new powers for a while.

3) The thing in the background with the large jaws could be anything from time in the savage land to the brood.

4) The man at the bottom center with the circuitry throughout his body could be a return of the Phalanx.

5) Magneto fighting Psylocke well Cyclops did put her in charge of security so they could come into conflict.

6) The armor in the center I have no idea what that is wuppost to he. It could be anything from alien, to armor for purifiers.

7) The big thing in the back, I think that is a Celestial and Sinister seems to have gained some info from them.

8) Hope with the Phoenix force in front of her. Whatever happens I hope Jean does not come back.

9) As for Cyclops being sad. I do not think he is sad but It looks to me like he may be bowing or surrendering ro something.

Any it gived me hope they Marvel has not abandoned the X-Men and are trying to put a good product out.

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@FadeToBlackBolt said:
@homeslice said:

and I was hoping this uncanny poster would be good news for cyke....

Cyclops is a good character, ergo Marvel have to skull-f*** him into oblivion. 
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No that isn't the dreaming Celestial from "The Eternals" Dreamers head is different. It looks kind of like the Mad Celestial that tried to destroy all of the Alternate Reeds in Fantastic Four

#63 Posted by Punk1984 (20 posts) - - Show Bio

Looks like the Celestial up in back there is Eson the Searcher the color is off but that isn't too big a deal with Celestials. His face is the same and he is apparently the Celestial in charge of testing the best and brightest

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That guy next to Colossus sort of looks like an organic virus infected, crazy Caliban. Or is it just me?

Psylocke vs. Magneto? If that holds any truth to an actual storyline then I am hooked.

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Dun dun duuuuun!!~

Namor's such a pimp :P

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emma is a two timing b***h and as predicted colossus goes power crazy and jean is going to impact both wolverine and the xmen and uncanny

#67 Posted by lady_toyano (166 posts) - - Show Bio

Well Emma and Namor have done the nasty in the Pasty, and Namor did say that without any type of doubt it was going to happen again. But dang, talk about timing...

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The thing at the front is a member of the phallnax

#69 Posted by Solarflare32 (393 posts) - - Show Bio

Whats with all the hate for jean

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What's going on with Colossus?

#71 Posted by tiger26 (125 posts) - - Show Bio

emma making out with namor behind cyclopes back anybody see the irony in that

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How many times in the past have we seen teasers that show Emma kissing Namor or Wolverine or siding with Osborn? I can think of a few, but how many times has any of that actually happened? None. I highly doubt that anything of a serious romantic nature will materialize between Emma and the fish man.