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The Roberts #2

Out 10/15

This is a comic I suggest looking into.  It's a little dark in that it deals with two actual serial killers living in a retirement home.  I was hesitant about reading it but then I've read Freddy and Jason comics before.  I even posted a review Lil' G-Man did for the first issue this week here.


Art & cover ERIK ROSE
48 PAGES, BW, $5.99
The Boston Strangler and the Zodiac Killer are alive and well, living amongst the old and dying of The Shady Lane Retirement Center. Surrounded by bingo tournaments and tea times, these two notorious serial killers quietly trade "war stories" about their golden years, two seemingly parallel pasts filled with violence and victims.

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This is something you usually find in a movie or novel, but do you think the victims' families might find this insulting? Have the murders talk about their love ones like nobodies?