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As Marvel forced us to wait for the ninth issue of AVENGERS VS. X-MEN, we can't help but wonder how the heck this big fight is going to end? Throughout the series, there have been some big developments but it's been more about the fighting. In order to end this war between the two teams and to (most likely) usher in the Marvel NOW! era, something really big has to happen to end this series.

Marvel has released a teaser today for 'The End.' While the silhouette looks familiar, it's likely not who some of us have been hoping for.

The biggest comic event of the year comes to its Universe shattering conclusion in Avengers VS. X-Men #12 this October.

Here comes the pain as all your favorite super heroes enter the battle—and only one team will emerge victorious! Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime comic event in, Avengers VS. X-Men #12, on sale October 3rd in comic shops everywhere, on the Marvel Comics app, and the all-new Marvel Comics Webstore!

AVENGERS VS. X-MEN #12 (JUL120535)

Written by JASON AARON

Penciled by ADAM KUBERT


FOC – 9/10/12, ON SALE – 10/3/12

How do you think it's all going to end?

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maybe that's Black Widow

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Scarlet Witch ;}

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@xerox: i agree.

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@AskaniSon295: good call

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That Kubert piece looks more JRJR than Kubert...

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@xerox_kitty said:

Scarlet Witch ;}

It sense were to be followed, absolutely. And nice to see you around. :)

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UM.................................................A red ????????

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Hello Phoenix Hope :)

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I'll be disappointed if it's either Hope or Scarlet Witch. It's just too obvious. I would love it to actually be Jean herself, but Marvel likes torturing Jean fans too much for that.

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its either scarlett witch, Hope or Jean grey.

but possibly and i say possibly could it be black widow???

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Also I wish they would stop saying "Only one will emerge victorious" we already know Avengers win

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I call BS. Remember during Whedon's run on Astonishing when there was supposedly another leaked cover featuring Jean?

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Can't Marvel keep anything secret, jeez louise.

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Maybe none of the teams are going to win. I thought this crossover could end up with only one person winning. Like whoever ends up being the host of Phoenix.

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It's Hope.

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How come no one is suggesting Emma? That seems to be the most obvious choice

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not even a tiny bit suprised that this is either Jean, Hope or Scarlet... Marvel is so predictable

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Scarlet Hope, because both are equally as probable.

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kidding is HOPE :p

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October 3rd? Weird. I thought both issues were coming out in September.

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aaaaaaaah come on, can't they stop

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It's going to be Wanda or Hope... Even if a little bit of me wants it to be Jean- in one of those Marvel 'I bet you didn't see that coming' moments. (Even though they said she wouldn't make an appearance. So, assuming it's Hope, is she going to absorb the Phoenix Force, lose control and then sacrifice herself? Sounds familier......

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I beg your pardon ?

Lol. Marvel has officially trolled the Jean Grey fans.

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@xerox_kitty said:

Scarlet Witch ;}

marvel never do mysterious teasers when we have to guess who it is just look at the worthy teaser we knew who they all were with no surprises so it is probably Jean grey

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Jean needs to appear and remind everyone what heroes are suppose to do enough of this fighting with each other

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You guys are all wrong..........

It's Mary Jane Watson.

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It's clearly Cyclops.

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Something looks young about that character. So that's either Hope or Jean Grey from the past. I would also like that to be a brief return of the dead Jean.

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This series has been limping along for a while, 12 issues was far too many and thankfully it it is ending.
Also the woman in the picture is clearly Aunt May ;)

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@The_Soverighn said:


Its AVX dude. There is no point in asking that anymore. My thoughts is that Emma Frost was actually Jean Grey all along. lol

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If you look at the shadows on her hair it's hinting at Wanda but Yeah hope is just as likely with her body type. The hips are to small to be jean. That being said there are way to many leggy redheads in Marvel for all we know this could be Mary Jane

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@CircularLogic said:

How come no one is suggesting Emma? That seems to be the most obvious choice

@davelecave said:


Emma doesn't have red hair or even remotely similar hair, geniuses.

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Why couldn't they use Howard the Duck. LOL I'm just kidding hahha seriously we all know who that is.

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@Chaos Burn said:

not even a tiny bit suprised that this is either Jean, Hope or Scarlet... Marvel is so predictable

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its not Wanda, since she will be part of that new Uncanny Avengers

im sure its Hope

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@xerox_kitty Two things 1) good to see your about again and 2) solid shout curly hair is wanda esq
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@X35 said:

@CircularLogic said:

How come no one is suggesting Emma? That seems to be the most obvious choice

@davelecave said:


Emma doesn't have red hair or even remotely similar hair, geniuses.

Blunt, but true.

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I'm going with Hope. Her absorbing power is pretty amazing. Not like Rogue. Hope doesn't have to touch you. I'm going with Hope.

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It would be great if this was an actual return for Jean Grey but I doubt it. It has to be Hope.

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I kinda hope Jean does show up at the end of the series. But that is ages away ughhh I just wanna know what happens already so I can move on and read other comics

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To quote Spider-Man The Animated Series:


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Should have done this 4 issues ago...jerks. Dark Summers and his band of mildly retarded demi-gods suck!

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Looks cool. I  hope it's Jean Grey even though I'm not huge fan of her. It could be HOPE, WANDA,. RACHAEL, or even EMMA????

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Damn it Marvel stop using Jean as a poster girl on every X-Men event involving the Phoenix somehow! Getting on my nerves a bit.

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doubt it's Emma; the fact that she is already PF'd up

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But I bet it's Hope. No appearance from her in Marvel Now! So predictably she'll be killed off/become the new host of the PF and disappear. Typical Marvel real original. Now can you focus on the individual titles without doing an event every damn year please?