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There's been a lot of previews for upcoming issues of HAWKEYE lately. Issue #5 just came out this week and issue #6 is out on December 19 (it's a holiday-themed issue). Today Marvel has released a teaser for issue #9 coming in March.

“You dead now, bro.” – Matt Fraction



Art & Cover by DAVID AJA


That's all the info that was released. It doesn't sound too good for Hawkeye...

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the bro will be back!!!

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dun dun duuuuuuuunnnnnnn !!

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I hope he is a Joker parody. That would be too great

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The Clown is really Wilford Brimley high on bath salts and robitussin, armed with a metal detector, a broken gin bottle, and season two of iCarly.

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I love this series!

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<--- Optimistic, bro.

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cant wait, every issue of Hawkeye has been great, full of action an comedy... bring it on bro     

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Bro, this looks awesome bro!

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Love this book, I wonder if Clint will start building his own rogues gallery for his solo stuff.

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I may jump in this book.

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Death of a Family now expands to Hawkeye

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Is that a monocle hes wearing?

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@KnightRise: and childrens birthday parties and the circus.... cause we all know clowns didn't exist before batman ;)

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this looks like it is going to be an interesting issue. Can't wait! Love Hawkeye

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Aja <3

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COME ON.....CROSSFIRE. comeon, comeon, no whammies no whammies no whammies no whammies....STOP.

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@Blood1991 said:

I hope he is a Joker parody. That would be too great

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Ahhhhhhhhhhhh sheeeeeeit :)

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Am I the only person that thought A Clockwork Orange?

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I just know that this is going to absolutely kick arse.

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I wonder how Kate Bishop will have to save him this time sigh

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Crossfire for sure.

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Hawk Wars: The Bro Strikes Back

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I love the bro. Hilarious character.

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A bro clown. I'm looking forward to this

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Looks more like Deadshot than the Joker or Clown/Jester types.

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This book is getting better and better and better and better. BEST BOOK OF 2012 and it's only been out 4 months

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Batman finds a portal through 616 and sends joker there. Now Joker is gonna ruin Hawkeye and Daredevil's life.

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'clown' I really don't know D:

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Wow, for a moment I thought Deadshot was making a trek to Marvel with that image...

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I love clowns, so this should be pretty fun.

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the bros are back in town

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Looks like a Deadshot rip-off.

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MARVEL, tell us already!

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Really Marvel, you guys are gonna try and rip off the Joker in this like you have been doing with several of your characters for years, not cool man, not cool.

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i like it

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@redscare said:

hmm... I wonder if it's same Clown from the Marvel M-Tech line Deathlok series...

That guy was pointlessly mutated into a gamma-monster called Griffin during World War Hulk and never appeared again...............Marvel instead introduced a new Clown who's that guys brother and is nowhere near as cool.