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@NewComicGuy: just an alternate future story, not an event

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@dcfox said:

@IronAngelX: Age of Ultron? Just a guess.

End of last year Marvel teased Ultron with a teaser showing a binary code and "March 2013 A.U." where the translated binary code said "Age Of Ultron" (see below). Maybe the title is meant to be a pun on the end of the world in 2012 according to the Mayan Calendar (or the miscalculated end of it). After the end/apocalypse in 2012 comes the Age of Ultron in 2013.

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@Danial79 said:

The only reason I'm excited for this series is because of Moon Knight's possible involvement.

This would be awesome. I really haven't heard too much about the series (let alone shown much interest). But, this did perk my ears up.

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are you looking forward to AGE OF ULTRON?

I am definitely not. It's yet another event, written by Bendis, and each issue is $4.00, with approximately three issues a month. It's a Perfect Storm of awful.

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Will wait for some reviews. Then if it's good enough, i'll buy it in trade. Never really a fan of Marvel due to their price and bi-monthly shipping which, most of the time, is really not worth the money.

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I don't know, Marvel usually ends up somehow f*cking up all those good event ideas and making me spend way too much for knowing what is going on >:P

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Gosh that Red Hulk cover looks great :/ Can't be tempted...can't be tempted....

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@Nefilim927 said:

Hoping they include Vision in this event seeing as how I think they forgot he was in the #0 issue of AvX

I guarantee you Vision is Ultron. Like a year or so ago in one of the Avengers books they found Ultron code. Then Vision miraculously fixed himself after Tony couldn't figure out how to do it.

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@Nefilim927: he did absolutely nothing except being the first avenger to be down during that cantina battle

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I'll wait till after they release the collected works edition after it finishes. Might pick up the tie-in featuring Victor. I do love the father-son dynamic between the two.

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I love the Red Hulk and Black Widow cover. Not sure if I will pick this up, I might just wait for the graphic novel.

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Still getting this. Bendis is sometimes a really mixed bag for me =/

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The Widow cover is HOT!