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Secret Invasion Thor #2

Wednesday 9/17

Another preview from Marvel.

Looks like Thor's too busy playing doctor instead of fighting Skrulls.  Good to see Beta Ray Bill again.

The Secret Invasion hits Asgard...and Broxton, Oklahoma, isn't spared! As the Skrulls arrive and begin their massive assault on the Norse gods, Dr. Donald Blake has his hands full in a middle-school basement delivering a baby. Can Balder the Brave and Beta Ray Bill marshal Asgard's forces long enough, and fight back hard enough, to hold the line until the God of Thunder joins them? And can anybody survive the Skrull's secret weapon...?

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Ooooooooooooooh, I might check this one out

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i really likded issue #1...tho i had to come here to find out who all the characters were...lol..not very new reader friendly..but good..

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Art is good, but the series is kind of a downer. I like Beta Ray Bill and all, but I wanted Thor to be fighting. It's the Same as Spider-man: Secret Invasion.

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Beta Ray Bill is full of awesome.  I'm really glad that they decided to go back to his classic costume instead of the new look that they gave him after his fight with Stardust.  It was terrible.

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Like, I said, Beta is cool. But when you hear: "Secret Invasion Thor" don't you want to see the King of Asgard/God of thunder kick some skrull a$$? I know I do. It be better if both Thor and Beta were fighting.

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Yeah this is da hotness... Donkeyface gets mad props from me