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Savage Dragon Returns to the Chicago Police Force

Savage Dragon #145, in stores 3/25/09
The Chicago Tribune has reported that the Savage Dragon is back in blue and that President-Elect Barack Obama will be there.  It's been twelve years since he's been on the force.
"Writing and drawing Savage Dragon as a cop after nearly twelve years feels good--it feels right," Larsen told the Tribune. "It's a homecoming of sorts and it's a joy to be back."

There was also an exclusive comic strip which will be reprinted in issue #145, in stores March 25th, 2009 with a cover price of $3.50.

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Wonder if they had back sheet in case of McCain won?

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Ha Ha Ha  !

Thats just Simply Awesome
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Issue #137 had the variant cover with Dragon backing Obama.  If he didn't win, this issue doesn't come out until March so Larsen could just forget the whole thing and not make mention of the President.