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You may have seen we offered QUEEN SONJA #26 for free courtesy of Dynamite Entertainment. A couple weeks ago issue #27 was released. Check out the writer's commentary by Luke Lieberman on the issue.


Luke Lieberman: The trick when you have been writing a character as long as I have is to keep everything flowing forward. It has to feel fresh and new, and that was the whole concept behind Queen Sonja, it was such a radical departure the main title and everything that came before.

I have been reading my way through George R.R. Martin's tombs and I love how thick the intrigue gets. That is what I was aiming for in Queen Sonja, plots within plots within plots.

Pages 1 - 5

I often start with a mental image. Here was Sonja picking up her crown from a pool of blood, struck me as symbolic. What is more fitting for the start of Sonja's reign then an assassination attempt at her coronation. She is a usurper, and their should be dangers lurking from every side, that and I wanted her to stretch her legs a bit.

pages 6-8

Melea and Xander's are investigating Koliostri's cult. I wanted their storyline to have sexual undertones because these characters have the hots for each other but don't know how to express it. It is actually Xander who is the more bashful, Melea is a girl who knows what she wants. Nothing brings out sexual tension like a little jealousy.

Pages 9-10

Sonja and Zarthur are usually a step ahead. The kill the last assassin with the next assassin's poison. It is poetic justice and Sonja getting shrewd, a queen does not always kill with a blade.

Page 11-14

What was I saying about jealousy and sexual tension... oh yeah there would be alot of it. But I guess they had better wait to address it, the jig is up and they need to keep moving.

Page 15-18

A Queen may not always kill with a blade, but Sonja is. She has been underestimated, and needs to teach the nobles in this country a lesson. This particular noblemen is used to having things his way, but he doesn't realize who he is messing with.

Pages 19-20

Ultimately, Melea and to a lesser extent Xander are reckless, and sending them on such a sensitive mission was probably a mistake. Sonja is still learning on the job, she is not going to make all the right moves. This one blows up in her face.

Page 21-22

But one thing Sonja does understand is that sometimes it is better to be feared. She has a message for all those who would dispute her rule - and to make sure no one misses the message - she writes is across the bastards chest!

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" she writes is across the bastards chest!"

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The art work is awesome!

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Its like Machiavelli, better to be feared than loved

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"I'm glad you came"..."I can see that..." classic! Hehe all joking aside, damn Lieberman sure can write! This is an amazing story. Once again Dynamite and your wonderful titles, I am in awe of you :)

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Sex and Violence... so much sex and violence! What God did I please?!

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I feel like I'm watching a porn movie. =P