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(W) Simon Spurrier (A) Khoi Pham (CA) Mike Del Mundo

• Legion's final showdown with the monster in his mind that wears the face of his deceased father!

• What's worse: the demonic Professor X has escaped into the real world. What terror will he unleash?

• This is the climactic story this series has been building to, guest-starring the allies Legion has made along the way...and not all of them will emerge unscathed!

Item Code: OCT130736 In Shops: 12/4/2013 SRP: $2.99

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Wait... How does SHE know what he looks like when she's blind?! Also, place your bets: How long will Legion's current Gestalt Mode last before something happens to return him to the schizophrenic mess we all know? I'm thinking it'll be lucky to last this issue.

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also, nothing against this Koi Pham, but he's no H.R. Giger...

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Any week where this comes out is a good week for me. Definitely in my top three X-titles. I really like the Gestalt Legion look, very cool.

@jonsmith: Telepathy, they are inside his mind after all, and I'd be surprised if it lasts past this arc.

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Mike del Mundo should do the interiors at least for one arc!

Great series