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(W) Simon Spurrier (A/CA) Rock-He Kim

• X-Force has barely survived an encounter with their newest foe-the swaggering superhuman arms dealer VOLGA...

• ...and with their secrets brought to light, they're barely surviving EACH OTHER. How will Cable's team keep it together to carry out their mission?

• Well I can tell you part of the answer: DOMINO is back! But she could just be in over her head already...

Item Code: MAY140912In Shops: 7/9/2014SRP: $3.99

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I thought Fantomex wasn't a mutant?

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Ugh at this Walgreens novel art.

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Well, on the first page of the preview. It says "mutant" under species for Fantomex. That's why I was confused.

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Wow, Psylocke can be such a b*tch.

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Maybe marvel decided it was easier to just call the genetically engendered Weapon X bio sentinel a mutant. Either that or no one told the writer otherwise and he just assumed because you know X-Force and all.