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(W) Jason Latour (A/CA) Mahmud A. Asrar

• Wolverine's at the mercy of the Phoenix Corporation while Storm races to save the Jean Grey School!

• Only Evan can save Fantomex from death - but dare he?

• Latour and Asrar continue the smash hit of All New Marvel now!

Item Code: APR140734In Shops: 6/18/2014SRP: $3.99

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Im lovin this series but the only thing that kinda irks me is the fact that as soon and idie put on her new uniform she looks like a completely different character. She became taller, got a hair cut, looks more like 18 than 15 (thats the age i assume she is). And this change happened literally panels apart. Im a big fan Asrars work but this wasnt a subtle transission.