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(W) Jason Aaron (A) Pepe Larraz (CA) Nick Bradshaw

• The effects of BATTLE OF THE ATOM continue to be felt!


• What does this have to do with SHIELD?

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Yeah, that figures. Scott tries to be civil with a 'Hello', Wolverine growls incoherently in a hostile manner.

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I really really hope this and the A+X story with Cap (and the return of Kurt) builds up for a return to the status quo of the mid 2000s, you know, when the team was acting like a team, Wolverine acted like Wolverine instead of this hypocrite (same with Beast who was VERY enjoyable to read and now is an hypocrite blue gorilla), Scott was a cool leader (Josh Wheedon made it soooooo epic) and writters weren't trying to make him an outlaw, Scott and Emma were the best couple ever in comics (at least my favorite one), stories were about fighting bad guys, there were a really good class of young mutants (Kyle and Yost run on New X-Men)...

I don't know how exactly they could return to that status quo, as that would mean Cyclops as the leader of a team that has Wolverine, and bad writting (ie: making Wolverine suddenly hate Scott right when he respected him the most just for the sake of making another X-Men book) is making that very hard to achieve now. I hope these stories build up a bit for Wolverine, Beast and Cap to swallow part of their hipocrisy, things getting better between both sides and finally all X-Men being part of the same unit again... wouldn't it be delicious if Wolverine was brainwashed or something to his pre-schism persona and from an outside perspective he decides that Schism didn't make sense? It would be bad writting to solve problems generated by bad writting, but it could work...