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(W) Joe Keatinge (A) Mico Suayan (CA) Chris Stevens


• In a world without Thor, the Norse end times of Ragnarök takes the lives of every super-powered being, leaving only the unpowered heroes of the Marvel Universe behind!

• Assembled under the leadership of Nick Fury, these powerless Defenders are all that remains to defend the planet from the Midgard Serpent!

Item Code: FEB140763In Shops: 4/16/2014SRP: $3.99

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Age Of Ultron could have been so epic... my god what have they done.

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@deadpool25mm: My thoughts exactly. And the artwork for issue two was absolutely terrible.

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Looks decent enough.

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@deadpool25mm: LOL, we have been screwed over so badly.

Hey do you mind following me?

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@deadpool25mm: Even showing the actual Ultron that took over the world and not his drones would have been interesting but we didn't even get that.

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@humanrocket: Yeah, every issue of AoU I was like " wheres Ultron?!?!" . who cares of diffrent types of FF and Avengers from diffrent timelines which doesnt even matter to the main story...
At least Infinity was good, even though I didnt realy like how they defeated Thanos.

@micah: sure man.

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@themarvelfanboy: dont' be ridiculous, this was great art and there are worst -ramos-