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(W) Brian Michael Bendis (A/CA) Chris Bachalo

• Cyclops and his revolutionary X-Men take on SHIELD!

• They get closer to finding those at SHIELD responsible for the Sentinels that nearly killed them, but find themselves in even greater danger!

Item Code: FEB140729In Shops: 4/16/2014SRP: $3.99

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Am I the only one that when looking at the cover thinks they could pose as an east europe techno group.

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Who's the variant by?

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Who's the variant by?

Adi Granov, awesome artist. Mostly known for his work on Iron Man (he's the one who did the extremis arc and he made most of the art of the first Iron Man movie -not sure about IM2 and IM3 though)

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Love this book. Can't wait to see Cyke tear into SHIELD!!!

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I gotta say

I'm hoping another artist will take this off of Bachalo's hands

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lol. i see Hill is still being a giant pain in the behind to everyone everywhere.

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Sweet variant.

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Cyclops : "What's up, doc ?"